Lu Xun and East Asia – an International Conference

  • All Day on Saturday, April 6, 2013
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East Asia, as both a geopolitical and geopoetic domain, constituted a crucial part of Lu Xun’s engagement with China and the world. The issues that he confronted during his lifetime – such as national character and sovereignty, literature and cultural hegemony, the politics of body and spectrality, modernity and its disavowal – resonated beyond the political borders of the People’s Republic of China and to this day remain key concerns throughout the region. Yet, the extant paradigm of Lu Xun studies in China and the Sinological world tends to overlook this expansiveness in a way that recapitulates the very “Obsession with China” that Lu Xun sought to critique throughout his career. Thus, presenters at this conference will offer new scholarly perspectives that critique prevailing trends in Lu Xun Studies, explore possibilities for reading Lu Xun in a dialogical light, and uncover new grounds for fruitful comparison of Lu Xun and his oeuvre with writers and literary works from East Asia and beyond. By problematizing the dominant critical perspective and adopting instead the lens of contemporary East Asia, this conference aims to reposition Lu Xun as a key interface of transnational literary and cultural studies and to radically rethink the legacy of China’s leading author of modern literature. Conference held in conjunction with the 3rd Academy Forum of the International Society for Lu Xun Studies (ISLS)
CGIS South, Tsai Auditorium (S010), 1730 Cambridge Street, Harvard University

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