Empathy, Freedom, Saying No: An Indian Perspective on Palestine with David Shulman

  • Starts: 6:00 pm on Monday, March 4, 2013
Department of Religion 17th Annual Lecture with David Shulman. In the course of the last twelve years David Shulman has been active on the peace front in the south Hebron hills on the occupied West Bank. He has encountered raw forms of human wickedness as well as striking forms of empathic kindness. Dr. Shulman will use such first-hand experiences to probe the meaning of empathy in the light of ethical voices from Indian traditions, including those that have inspired Gandhian-style non-violent protest
Terrace Lounge at the Boston University’s George Sherman Union
Contact Name:
Wendy Czik
Contact Phone:
(617) 353-2635

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