Legally Dead

  • Starts: 7:30 pm on Thursday, February 7, 2013
  • Ends: 2:00 pm on Sunday, February 24, 2013
Dad hasn't been here for a while--five years, in fact--and some of the family wants him dead. Legally, that is. It's Christmas, and Tommy's back from prison, Annie's fresh from her divorce, Rebecca has found Jesus, and Mom's off the wagon. But where's the WILL? Mom's closet holds the answer to everything--if only dog Walter would stop piddling in it. From the award-winning author of Un Tango en la Noche and Red Elm, Legally Dead cracks with Cadillacs, closets, and one crazy cockapoo. Featuring Kippy Goldfarb*, Adrianne Krstansky*, Jen Alison Lewis*, and Christopher James Webb*. *Member of Actors' Equity Association VENUE INFORMATION: Legally Dead will be performed at Boston Playwrights' Theatre 949 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston
949 Commonwealth Avenue
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