Undergraduate Admissions

Creating New Scholarly Infrastructure and Connections

Establishment of the Center for the Study of Asia (BUCSA)

We established BUCSA in fall 2008 to serve as the focal point of Asian Studies at the University. The center is the home of a large and vibrant community of scholars of Asia, spanning nearly every school and college and comprising more than 80 full-time and part-time instructors and researchers. It sponsors lectures and conferences, film series and musical performances, and cultural events. BUCSA also contributes to curriculum development, faculty recruitment, and acquisition of library and audiovisual resources, and helps to manage community outreach programs. In its first year, the center sponsored or co-sponsored more than 40 events. In addition, it was active in curricular affairs, helping to establish a new graduate exchange program with China's Renmin University and drafting a proposal for a graduate certificate in Asian Studies. It worked with a variety of organizations, including the Consulate General of Japan, the Taiwan Economic and Cultural Organization, and the Japan Society of Boston, to extend BU's impact into the community. BUCSA also is working on several grants and fundraising opportunities to enhance the study of Asia at the University. In fall 2008, it received its first major gift, a historically important full run of Japanese art history journal Kokka.

New Era for BU Humanities Foundation

In September 2008, Boston University Humanities Foundation (BUHF) Director Katherine O’Connor, professor of Russian Studies, passed the torch to James Winn, professor of English and former chair of the English Department. O’Connor continues as foundation co-director. Winn’s wealth of knowledge of the arts and humanities, along with his leadership experience, will continue to strengthen the influence of the humanities at the University and lead the BUHF through its next era. The BUHF has made a multitude of new programs possible in Arts & Sciences, including new courses, library acquisitions, visiting professorships, and scholarships for students in the humanities. In addition, the BUHF annually funds more than $100,000 in special programs such as conferences, lecture series, faculty workshops, senior research fellowships, graduate research abroad fellowships, and support for undergraduate organizations and journals. Our goal is for the BUHFto play an even greater role in stimulating scholarly creativity through individual work and collaboration across the arts and humanities, while playing even more of a leadership role outside of BU.