Undergraduate Admissions

New Courses

The College Curriculum Committees recommended and the full CAS/GRS faculty approved the following course in 2008/2009.

Humanities Curriculum Committee, Professor Gene Jarrett (EN), Chair


Frameworks for Interpretation: Historiography and Display
(London Program)
CAS AH 308E From Caesar to Corbusier: The History of Switzerland through Its Art and Architecture
(Geneva Program)
CAS AH 317   From Morocco to Timbuktu; Art and Architecture at the Saharan
CAS AH 428  Crossroads Seminar: Islamic Art
London Courtauld Program
CAS AH 430E            Seminar in Greek and Roman Art
CAS AH 440E Seminar in Late Antique and Medieval Art
CAS AH 450E  Seminar in Renaissance Art
CAS AH 460E Seminar in Seventeenth and Eighteenth-Century Art
CAS AH 480E Seminar in Modern Art
CAS AH 490E Seminar: Special Topics in the History of Art
CAS AH 580     Architectural Technology and Materials
CAS AR/AH 332 Greek and Roman Cities
CAS CL 325  Greek Tragedy and Film
CAS EN 592E  Travel Writing in Australia: Journey and Place in Literature and Creative Writing
(Australia Summer Program)
CAS LC 470 Topics in Chinese Literature and Culture
CAS LF 407 Composition of French Poetry
CAS LI/RN/XL 459   Primo Levi within Holocaust Literature
CAS LJ 385 Intensive Kanji
CAS LJ 386 Japanese Translation/Interpretation Workshop
CAS LP 123 Intensive Elementary Portuguese
CAS LP 224 Intensive Intermediate Portuguese
CAS LS 110  Essential Spanish for Healthcare Professionals
CAS LX 235 Language in the Contemporary World: Technology, Society, and the Law
CAS LY 139   Intensive First-Year Arabic for Heritage Learners
CAS LY 214    Levantine Arabic
CAS LY 284 Arabs Write War: Poetry, Prose, and Drama since 1948 (in English translation)
CAS LY 341E  Culture in North Africa: Postcolonial Aesthetics and Politics (Rabat Program)
CAS LY 403 Advanced Arabic I
CAS MU 243 Music as Social Experience (Honors/New College seminar)
CAS RN 555  Dante’s Hell
CAS RN 556  Dante: The Divine Comedy 1I; Purgatorio and Paradiso
CAS XL 222 Introduction to Comparative Literature: Western Literature (in English translation) (Carries HU divisional studies credit)
CAS XL 310 Topics in Classical and Modern Literature
CAS XL 351/LG 283  The Faust Tradition
CAS/GRS AH 313/713  Imperial Reflections: Early Modern Islamic Art and Architecture
CAS LH/ RN 320/GRS RN 620 Readings in Classical Hebrew
CAS/GRS LY/XL 441/741  1001 Nights in the World Literary Imagination
CAS/GRS PH 436/636  Gender, Race, and Science
CAS/GRS RN 364/664   Buddhist Literature
CAS/GRS RN 391/691  American Catholic Narrative
CAS/GRS RN 453/753   Topics in Religion and Sexuality
GRS AH 892  Approaches to Architectural History
GRS CL 993  Proseminar I
GRS CL 994    Proseminar II

Natural Sciences Curriculum Committee, Professor Nathan Schwadron (AS), Chair

CAS AN 263 The Behavioral Biology of Women
CAS BI 224 Seminar in Behavioral Biology
CAS BI 309   Evolution
CAS BI 316   Quantitative Biology Seminar
CAS BI 327S  The Biology of Cancer
CAS BI 515   Population Genetics
CAS BI 551 Biology of Stem Cells
Marine Semester:
CAS ES 543 Estuaries and Nearshore Systems
CAS ES 545 Tropical Oceanography of the Caribbean Sea
CAS ES 546 Tropical Oceanography of the Caribbean Sea: Applications and Research
CAS MS 491/492 Undergraduate Research in Marine Science
CAS NS 291E Introduction to Scientific Research (Dresden and Grenoble programs)
CAS PY 351  Modern Physics I
CAS PY 352  Modern Physics II
CAS PY/CS 536  Quantum Computing
CAS/GRS CH 425/625 Enzymology: Mechanisms of Enzymatic Reactions
CAS/GRS CH 426/626   Epigenetics
CAS/GRS CH 427/627  RNA Structure and Function
GRS AS 803 Research Methods in Astronomical Data Analysis      
GRS ES 701 Quantitative Methods for Earth Sciences I: Mechanics of Earth Materials
GRS ES 702 Quantitative Methods for Earth Sciences II: Analysis and Modeling of Geologic Processes                                    

Social Sciences Curriculum Committee, Professor Douglas Kriner (PO), Chair

CAS AN 337 Creation and Evolution
CAS AN/IR 563 Public Religion and Politics Across Cultures
CAS AN 573  The Ethnography of China and Taiwan
CAS AR 504  Preserving World Heritage: Principles and Practice
CAS EC 171  Personal Lifestyle Economics
CAS EC 364   Chinese Economy
CAS EC 536 Economics of Corporate Organization
CAS HI 235  The Culture of World War I (Honors/New College seminar)
CAS HI 276 Early Armenia
CAS HI 381 The Samurai in Myth and History
CAS HI 384E/RN 346E History and Religion: North African Issues (Rabat Program)
CAS HI 387E/ IR371E Shanghai: The Key to Modern China? (Shanghai Program
CAS HI 393 Americans and the Middle East
CAS HI 482 Merchants, Pirates, Missionaries, and the State in Maritime Asia, 600–2000
CAS HI 560 The American Transcendentalists
CAS IR/RN 318 Religion and American Foreign Policy
CAS IR 366/PO 377 Political Economy of East Asia
CAS IR 513/PO 546   Bureaucracy and Governance: A Comparative Inquiry
Geneva/London Summer Program
CAS IR 562E Conflict Resolution: Concepts and Institutions
CAS IR 565E Conflict Resolution: Workshop and Case Studies
CAS PH 255 Problems of Property (Honors/New College seminar)
CAS PS 125 Revolutions in the Conceptualization of Mind: 1950s to the Present (Honors/New College seminar)
CAS PS 200 Autism and Society
CAS PS 529 Neuroplasticity: Enabling the Brain to Heal Itself
CAS SO 210 Confronting Persistent Social Inequalities in American Schools: Educational and Sociological Perspectives
CAS SO 211 Confronting Racial, Cultural, Gender, and Social Identities in Urban Classrooms: Educational and Sociological Perspectives (SO 210/211 taught at Trotter School, with field placements)
CAS WS 351E Constructing Gender in North Africa: Women, Islam, and Politics (Rabat Program)
CAS/GRS AR 390/790 The Archaeology of Southeast Asia
GRS AR 795 Politics, Nationalism, and Archaeology
GRS EC 764    Selected Topics in Economic History
GRS EC 794 Financial Econometrics
GRS IR 758/PO 785  Comparative Political Economy of China and India
GRS PO 742 Comparative Public Policy    
GRS PS 825 Early Social Cognition