Undergraduate Admissions

Faculty Awards and Honors

External Awards and Prizes

The following is a list of major external academic awards and honors received by CAS/GRS faculty in the 2008/09 academic year:

Mark Grinstaff (Chemistry) – Edward M. Kennedy Award for Health Care Innovation

Husain Haqqani (International Relations) – Appointed as Ambassador of Pakistan to the United States

Alfred Tauber (Philosophy) – Medal for Science, Institute of Advanced Studies, University of Bologna

Robert Pinsky (Creative Writing) – 11th Triennial Theodore Roethke Memorial Poetry Prize

Xuefei Jin (Creative Writing) – The O’Henry Prize

Julian Go (Sociology) – Mary Douglas Prize for Best Book from the Culture Section of the American Sociological Association for American Empire and the Politics of Meaning: Elite Political Cultures in the Philippines and Puerto Rico during U.S. Colonialism


Nancy Smith-Hefner, Anthropology—Radcliffe-Bunting Fellowship

Cynthia Becker, Art History—Radcliffe Fellowship and 2010 Fulbright Fellowship

Maurice Lee, English—American Council of Learned Societies

Archie Burnett, English/Editorial Institute—National Endowment for the Humanities

Charles Griswold, Philosophy—American Council of Learned Societies

Juliet Floyd, Philosophy—Lichtenberg Kolleg Fellowship

Akihiro Kanamori, Mathematics and Statistics—Lichtenberg Kolleg Fellowship

Sarah Phillip, Writing Program—Fulbright Fellowship

Internal Awards

The following is a listing of significant internal awards and honors received by CAS/GRS faculty in the 2008/09 academic year:

Emine Fetvaci, Art History
Peter Paul Career Development Professorship

Tom Gilmore, Biology (presented jointly to Michelle LaCourse, BU’s College of Fine Arts School of Music)
Metcalf Prize for Teaching

Dilip Mookherjee, Economics
Gitner Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching

Daniele Paserman, Economics
Neu Family Award for Teaching Excellence in Economics

Paul Lipton, Center for Neuroscience
Katherine O’Connor, Department of Modern Languages and Comparative Literature
John Snyder, Department of Chemistry
Templeton Prize for Excellence in Student Advising