Welcome! Get to know the people of CAS.

  • The Heart of BU

    Learn about all the opportunities available to CAS students.

  • CAS Think Tank

    This new, innovative CAS space offers students a place to work, collaborate, and relax in between classes.

  • The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP)

    UROP facilitates undergraduate participation in faculty-mentored research projects. The program is flexible, allowing research study in any academic area.

  • A Day at the (BU) Beach

    Experience the BU Beach, one of the most popular spots on campus (and right behind the CAS classrooms!)

  • CAS After Dark

    After class ends, CAS transforms into a hub for many of the University’s cultural organizations

  • Exploring BU’s Prehealth Program

    The Preprofessional Advising Office offers comprehensive academic and professional guidance for BU students and alumni interested in health-related careers.

  • BU’s K-Pop Cover Dance Group

    BU’s miXx K-Pop Cover Dance Crew re-creates music videos step-by-step.

  • CAS Alum Hannah Keklak: Life as a Zookeeper

    Hannah Keklak cares for a host of unusual animals at Franklin Park Zoo.

  • CAS Alum Babatunde Alford: MLK, 50 Years Later

    The BU community reflected on the civil rights leader’s legacy

  • CAS Alum Victoria Saeed: MLK, 50 Years Later

    The BU community reflected on the civil rights leader’s legacy

  • CAS Alum Howard dePass, Jr.: Words and Expression

    A recent graduate talks about the passion he discovered for live performance at BU and performs one of his raps.

  • CAS Alumni Ariana Katz and Sarah Merriman: I Found My Activism Here

    Two alums talk about becoming best friends through their involvement with the Center for Gender, Sexuality, and Activism.

  • Anthropology and Biology: Coffee 101

    CAS professors walk you through the history of coffee in the United States and explain just how caffeine affects your body.

  • Astronomy: The Birth of a Planet

  • Archaeology: The Archaeology of Teotihuacan

    In part one of a four-part series, Assistant Professor David Carballo talks about his research on the great pyramids at Teotihuacan.

  • Biology: Trouble at Tonle Sap Lake

    Professor Les Kaufman and a team of researchers gathered in Cambodia to examine the food webs at Tonle Sap Lake.

  • Computer Science: Internet Insecurity

    Sharon Goldberg, an assistant professor of computer science, explains how information makes its way around the internet—securely and insecurely.

  • Physics: What Is Dark Matter?

    Professor Alex Sushkov tries to answer a cosmic question that has baffled scientists for decades: what is dark matter?

  • Religion: Faculty In Residence

    The Faculty-in-Residence program offers professors a chance to live alongside students, where they serve as mentors, models, and advocates.

  • Who’s Your Favorite Professor?: 2018 Edition

    Find out who students say are the best professors on campus.

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