PhD Admissions & Financial Aid

Janette Countryman, Director, Finance and PhD Admissions & Financial Aid
Martin Gastmann, Assistant Director, PhD Admissions &
Financial Aid

Brook Duchesneau, PhD Admissions & Financial Aid Associate

Graduate Admissions Office

Graduate Financial Aid Office

Application Services (Applicant Technical Support)
Telephone: 857-304-2002 Open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm EST

For mailing IELTS scores:
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Please contact the Graduate Admissions Office with any questions regarding correspondence from the GRS Admissions Office. For information regarding your qualifications for admission, program specific details, and the timeline for decisions, please contact your prospective department directly.

Please contact the Graduate Financial Aid Office with questions regarding federal loans and non-federal credit-based loans, work study information, and information on awarded aid. For information regarding availability of merit-based aid such as Dean’s Fellowships, teaching fellowships or research assistantships, or if you are inquiring on the status of your pending merit-based aid application, please contact your prospective department directly.

Please contact Application Services directly for any questions regarding the receipt and processing of your application and corresponding materials. If you require assistance with your application, representatives are happy to answer questions pertaining to the application process. Please review all Instructions and FAQs prior to contacting us, as many common questions are answered by these instructions.

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