Before submitting this deferral request form, please read the following Graduate School of Arts and Sciences’ policy on deferral requests.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences does not defer admissions. However, if you were offered admission, you may request consideration for readmission for a future semester that is up to one year beyond your initial semester of admission. Your application will be reviewed along with all other applications for the requested semester taking into account present competition and work undertaken by you in the interim. You need not submit a new application, application fee, or credentials, as your original application will be kept on file for one year. If you wish to submit updated credentials, they will be added to your current application. International applicants requesting consideration for readmission must submit updated financial documents and an updated International Student Data Form, as well as any additional documents required by the International Students and Scholars Office, as noted on the International Student Data Form. Please be aware that the department is not obligated to re-offer admission.

PLEASE NOTE: If you were not offered admission, you cannot defer your application. You must submit a new application and the application fee.

Please complete and submit this form.