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Qais Akbar Omar (GRS’16), a graduate student in the Creative Writing Program, has published a much-praised memoir, A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story. He recalls how the violence and tumult of civil war jolted his family, who, despite losing relatives, their home, and possessions, continued to nurture his wish to attend a university.

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2016 Ph.D. Graduates and Dissertation Titles

Lindsay Harper Alberts, B.A., M.A., “Absolute Ambivalence: Sites of Collecting and Display Under Franceso I de’Medici”

Gabriele Cesare Alfieri, B.Mus., M.Mus., M.Mus., “Missed Cues: Music in the American Spoken Theater c. 1935– 1960”

Mohammadhossein Alizadeh, B.A., M.A., “Plasmonic Enhancement of Chiral Light-Matter Interactions”

Engin Levent Altinoglu, B.S., M.A., “Essays on Firm-Level Frictions in Macroeconomics”

Amrit Amirapu, B.A., M.A., “Three Essays on the Effects of Regulatory Institutions on Indian Firms”

Evan Michael Appleton, B.S., M.S., “A Design-Build-Test- Learn Tool for Synthetic Biology”

Mariya Ivanova Atanasova, B.S., M.A., “Quantitative Investigation of the Activation Mechanism of the RET Receptor Tyrosine Kinase”

Emily Parker Austin, B.A., “Grief, Longing, and Anger: Studies of Emotions in the Iliad

Shuyang Bai, B.S., M.A., “Probabilistic and Statistical Problems Related to Long-Range Dependence”

Elyas Ahmad Bakhtiari, B.A., “Unhealthy Trajectories: Race, Migration, and the Formation of Health Disparities”

Swati Banerjee Carr, B.Sc., M.Sc., “Reliable Gene Expression and Assembly for Synthetic Biological Devices in E. coli through Customized Promoter Insulator Elements and Automated DNA Assembly”

Susan L. Barahal, B.S., Ed.M., “Repaint, Reframe, Renew: Updating Sacred Images During the Early Italian Renaissance”

Keith Steven Barbato, B.S., M.A., “Enantioselective Multicomponent Organoboron Reactions of Ortho-Quinone Methide Intermediates, Catalyzed by Chiral Biphenols”

Amanda Elaine Daly Berman, A.B., M.A., “Digital Music Consumption and Social Capital Shifts within the Cape Breton Diaspora in Boston”

Iain Lawrence Bernhoft, B.A., M.A., “Novel Deceptions: Historical Illusionism in Contemporary American Fiction”

Dolon Bhattacharyya, B.Sc., M.Sc., “Escape of Hydrogen from the Exosphere of Mars”

Mireille Bishay, B.A., M.S., “Constituting Selves: Augustine, Sartre, and the Role of Religion in Structuring the Relationship between Self and Other”

George Walter Born, A.B., M.S., “Home Rule: The Creation of Local Historic Districts in the New Boston, 1953 to 1983”

Demetrios James Brellas, B.A., “By the Rivers of Babylon: Patterns of Heterarchy, Sustainable Wetland Agroecology, and Urban Dynamics in Old Babylonian Mashkan-Shapir”

Brittain Mcjunkin Briber, B.S.C.E., M.A., M.S., “Urbanization, the Carbon Cycle, and Ecosystems: An Exploration of Coupled Dynamics and Feedbacks”

Alejna Mari Brugos, B.A., M.A., “The Interaction of Pitch and Timing in the Perception of Prosodic Grouping”

Jenna R. Carl, B.A., M.A., “Enhancing Positive Emotions in Anxiety Disorders: A Preliminary Evaluation of a CBT Module Targeting Disturbances in Positive Emotion Regulation”

Benjamin Hamilton Collier Carr, B.S., M.A., “Analysis of the Western and Central Pacific Tuna and Billfish Fisheries through Examination of Historical Catch Records”

Marco Casiraghi, B.A., M.Sc., “Essays on the Effects of Financial and Sovereign Crises in Macroeconomics”

Tsz Kin Chan, B.S., M.Ec., “Essays on the Econometrics of Social Networks and Peer Effects”

Yi-Chien Chang, B.S., M.S., M.S., “Systematic Approaches to Mine, Predict and Visualize Biological Functions”

Tianhong Chen, B.S., “Plasmonic Atoms and Molecules for Imaging and Sensing”

Cheryl Chiang, A.B., “Mapping DNA Structure and Protein- DNA Interactions Using Hydroxyl Radical Footprinting and High-Throughput Sequencing”

Andrea Chiovenda, B.A., M.A., “Crafting Masculine Selves: Culture, War and Psychodynamics among Afghan Pashtuns”

Seung Hoan Choi, B.S., M.A., “Evaluation of Statistical Methods, Modeling, and Multiple Testing in RNA-Seq Studies”

Amanda Leah Rice Clark, B.A., M.A., “MEF2-Regulated GTL2-DIO3 Noncoding RNAs in Cardiac Muscle and Disease”

Frances Mary Conlin-Luippold, B.A., B.S., M.A., “Deaf Children’s Understanding of the Language of Motion and Location in ASL”

Christine Elizabeth Cooper-Vince, B.A., M.A., “Parasympathetic Reactivity and Disruptive Behavior Problems in Young Children During Interactions with Mothers and Other Adults”

Maureen Glessner Courtney, B.A., M.A., “HIV-Associated Structural Brain Changes as Related to Cognition”

Jessica Lauren Curtis, B.S., M.S., “Class Discovery via Feature Selection in Unsupervised Settings”

Cassidy Constance D’Aloia, B.A., “Patterns, Causes, and Consequences of Connectivity within a Coral Reef Fish Metapopulation”

Kathleen Laura Daly, B.A., “Fit to Mother: Women, Architecture, and the Performance of Health, 1865–1930”

Nima Dehmamy, B.Sc., M.S., “First Principles and Effective Theory Approaches to Dynamics of Complex Networks”

Xinyi Deng, B.S., “Point Process Modeling and Estimation: Advances in the Analysis of Dynamic Neural Spiking Data”

Mirella Diaz-Santos, B.A., M.S., “Perceptual Rigidity in Parkinson’s Disease and Normal Aging”

Gregory Michael Dillon, B.S., M.S., “Microtubule Plus-End Binding Protein CLASP2 in Neural Development”

Daniela Dorfman, B.A., “Ante la Ley: Cultura Legal y Estado en la Literatura Argentina (1871–2004)”

Lindsey Marie Easthon, B.A., M.S., “Metals in Enzyme Catalysis and Visualization Methods”

Amy Kathleen Noel Ellison, B.A., “‘Reverse of Fortune’: The Invasion of Canada and the Coming of American Independence, 1774 –1776”

Dora Erdos, M.Sc., “Centrality Measures and Analyzing Dot- Product Graphs”‡

Jon Iker Etchegaray, B.A., “The Role of Draper in Phagocytic Competency, Corpse Processing, and Homeostasis”

Lynsey Deanne Farrell, B.A., “Hustling NGOs: Coming of Age in Kiberia Slum, Nairobi, Kenya”

Mirko Klaus Fillbrunn, Dipl., “Essays on Applied Political Economics”

Benjamin Parker Fischer, B.A., “Perturbed Polyhedra and the Construction of Local Euler-Maclaurin Formulas”

Ada J. Focer, B.A., M.Div., M.A., “Frontier Internship in Mission, 1961–1974: Young Christians Abroad in a Post- Colonial and Cold War World”

Beth Marie Forrest, B.A., M.A., “Hungry and Thirsty: The Role of Food and the Senses in Spanish Identity, 1750 – 1850”

Bradley Kieth Fugate, B.M., M.M., D.M.A., “The Contemporary Countertenor in Context: Vocal Production, Gender/Sexuality, and Reception”

Nathan William Fuller, B.S., “Pathophysiology and Recovery of Myotis lucifugus Affected by White Nose Syndrome”

Byron V. Galbraith, B.S., M.S., “A Brain-Machine Interface for Assistive Robotic Control”

Conor Kennedy Gately, B.A., M.A., “Emissions from Mobile Sources: Improved Understanding of the Drivers of Emissions and Their Spatial Patterns”

Natallie Ann Marie Gentles, B.Sc., M.S.W., “Family Empowerment in Public Child Welfare: An Exploratory Study of Organizational Culture as a Barrier to Implementation”

Sara Georgini, B.S., B.L.S., M.A., “Household Gods: Creating Adams Family Religion in the American Republic, 1583 – 1927”

Zachary Richard James Girazian, B.S., M.A., “The Sun’s Influence on the Vertical Structure of the Ionospheres of Venus and Mars”

Dara Casey Gold, B.S., M.A., “Geometric Gradient Flow in Space of Smooth Embeddings”

Brian Robert Granger, B.S., “Transcriptomic and Computational Approaches for Interrogating Metabolic Interactions in the Coral Microbiome”

Harris Stephen Greenberg, B.A., “Micromorphological Analysis of Continuity and Discontinuity at PPNC Beisamoun Pond 11, Israel”

Paula Jean Griffin, B.A., M.A., M.A., “Biological Network Models for Inferring Mechanism of Action, Characterizing Cellular Phenotypes, and Predicting Drug Response”

Xuan Gu, B.S., “Modified Earthquake Olami-Feder- Christensen Model with Low Noise and Asperities”

François Dominique Jean-Luc Guay, M.S., Dipl., “Parameter Inference for Multivariate Stochastic Processes with Jumps”

Karen Elizabeth Guendel, A.B., A.B., M.A., “The Organic Metaphor of the Digesting Mind from English Romanticism to American Modernism: A Cognitivist Approach”

Danna Gurari, B.S., M.S., “Combining Crowd Worker, Algorithm, and Expert Efforts to Find Boundaries of Objects in Images”

Daniel Gusenleitner, B.Sc., M.Sc., “Developing Genomic Models for Cancer Prevention and Treatment Stratification”

Jeffrey David Gustafson, B.A., M.A., “A Search for Baryon Number Violation by Two Units at the Super-Kamiokande Detector”

Karl Joseph Haas, B.M.E., M.M., M.A., “Music, Masculinity, and Tradition: A Musical Ethnography of Dagbamba Warriors in Tamale, Ghana”

Leila M. Haery, B.S., M.Eng., “Effects of C-Terminal Truncations of the Histone Acetyltransferase P300 on the Growth and Gene Expression Patterns of Human Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Cell Lines”

Joseph Michael Hardcastle, B.S., M.A., “Studies on Helicobacter Pylori Motility: Influence of Cell Morphology, Medium Rheology, and Swimming Mechanism”

Adrian Mark Heilbut, B.Sc., M.S., “Structured Clustering Representations and Methods”

Marthe Hesselmans, B.A., M.A., M.A., “Apart We Pray? The Struggle of South Africa’s Reformed Churches to Unite a Divided Nation”

Heather E. Holcombe, B.A., M.A., “Made in America: Fictions of Genetic Industry”

Jaeyoung Hong, B.S., M.S., “Meta-Analysis Strategies for Heterogeneous Studies in Genome-Wide Association Studies”

Sonya Victoria Iverson, B.S., M.A., “Improved Modular Multipart DNA Assembly, Development of a DNA Part Toolkit for E. coli, and Applications in Traditional Biology and Bioelectronic Systems”

Christopher Jacobs, B.S., M.S., “Functional and Evolutionary Implications of In Silico Gene Deletion Studies”

Jajang Jahroni, B.A., M.A., “The Political Economy of Knowledge: Salafism in Post-Soeharto Urban Indonesia”

Esther Kezia Candace James, B.S., “Three-Dimensional Shear Wave Velocity Structure in the Atlantic Upper Mantle”

Apoorva Prakash Javadekar, B.Com., M.Sc., “Essays in Mutual Funds and International Asset Pricing”

Hyungseok Joo, B.A., M.S., “Essays on Sovereign Debt and Default”

Chloe Jennifer Jordan, B.A., M.A., “Understanding Comorbid ADHD and Cocaine Abuse: Consequences of Adolescent Medication in an Animal Model”

Veronica Adelle Joseph, B.S., M.A., “A Bioarchaeological Analysis of the Effects of the Xiongnu Empire on the Physical Health of Nomadic Groups in Iron Age Mongolia”

Brian Matthew Julian, B.A., “The Source of Life: Activity, Capacity, and Biology in Aristotle’s Account of Soul”

Jessica Frances Kamhi, B.A., “Neuroecology of Social Organization in the Australasian Weaver Ant, Oecophylla smaragdina

Aditya Chandrashekhar Karnataki, B.Sc., M.A., “Two Theorems on Galois Representations and Shimura Varieties”

Christina Danielle Kay, B.A., M.A., “ForeCAT— A Model for Magnetic Deflections of Coronal Mass Ejections”

Alexander Donald Keim, B.A., M.A., “Boston Inside Out: A Brothel, a Boardinghouse, and the Construction of the 19th- Century North End’s Urban Landscape through Embodied Practice”

JiHyun Kim, B.S., M.A., “Carbon and Water Cycles in Mixed-Forest Catchments: Ecohydrological Modeling of the Influence of Climate Variability and Invasive Insect Infestation”

Joyce Yoonmee Kim, B.A., M.A., “Repressions and Revisions: The Afterlife of Slavery in Southern Literature”

David Niels Kjar, B.M., B.M., M.M., “Wanda, Gould, and Sting: Sounding, Othering, and Hearing Early Music”

Aaron Tristan Knapp, B.A., M.A., J.D., “Law’s Revolutions: Coercion and Constitutional Change in the American Founding”

Alexandra Kokovidis, M.A., “Gendered Discourse in German Chatroom Conversations: The Use of Modal Particles by Young Adults”

Michael Evans Kruskal, B.S., M.A., M.S.E., “A Search for Dark Matter with Bottom Quarks”

Kavan Kucko, B.A., M.P.P., “Three Essays on Employment, Income and Taxation”

Mark Robert Kukis, B.J., “An Unseen Dimension of RFK: The Attorney General and National Security Policy, 1961–1963”

Rohan Kundargi, M.A., “Observations and Implications of Spatial Complexity in Hotspot Volcanism”

Adam Thomas Labadorf, B.S., M.S., “Characterizing the Huntington’s Disease, Parkinson’s Disease, and Pan- Neurodegenerative Gene Expression Signature with RNA Sequencing”

Erin Melissa Lamm, B.A., M.A., “A Translated Critical Edition of Maissa Bey’s Entendez-vous dans les montagnes… (2002)”

Jennifer Lynn Lamp, B.S.Eng., M.S., “Rock Weathering, Erosion, and Sublimation Rates of Ancient Buried Ice in the McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctica”

Alex Hunter Lang, B.S., M.A., “Physics of Epigenetic Landscapes and Statistical Inference by Cells”

Alvin Shiulain Lee, B.A., M.S.W., “Family Social Networks and Mental Health Service Use Among Vietnamese- Americans in Multigenerational Families”

Hyung Kyu Lee, B.A., M.T.S., M.Th., M.S.T., “Sacral Socio- Ecological Community: Theories of Contemporary Social Catholicism and Engaged Buddhism in Complementary Practice”

Ying Lei, B.Ec., M.A., “Essays on Internet Economics: Customer Reviews, Advertising, and Technology Adoption”

Nicoletta Leonardi, B.S., M.S., “Modelling the Effect of Marine Processes on Deltaic Wetlands”

Mengmeng Li, B.Sc., B.Ec., M.S., “Empirical Studies in Financial and Labor Economics”

Simin Li, Sc.B., M.A., “Quantitative Studies of RET Activation, Deactivation and Trafficking Kinetics Upon Stimulation by its Natural Ligand Art”

Ye Li, B.Eng., “Leveraging Virtualization Technologies for Resource Partitioning in Mixed Criticality Systems”

Zhan Li, B.S., M.S., “Advances in Measuring Forest Structure by Terrestrial Laser Scanning with the Dual Wavelength Echidna Lidar (DWEL)”

Shuheng Lin, B.S., M.A., “Innovation and Productivity Analysis with Heterogeneous Firms”

Victoria Jane Livingstone, B.A., M.A., “Translating Latin America: Harriet de Onis and the U.S. Publishing Market”

Brian Alexander Long, B.S., M.A., “WWW Production at the LHC (Version 1.2)”

Xiao Luo, B.S., M.A., “A Precision Measurement of the Rate of Muon Capture on the Deuteron”

Andrew John Lynch, B.A., M.A., “Ligand Selectivity: Binding at the Protein-Protein Interface of Keap1-small and NEMO”

Shugao Ma, B.Eng., M.Eng., “Learning Space-Time Structures for Action Recognition and Localization”

Sean Leland Mackay, B.A., B.A., M.Sc., “Age, Origin and Evolution of Antarctic Debris-Covered Glaciers: Implications for Landscape Evolution and Long-Term Climate Change”

Carsten Madler, Dipl., “Silicon Nanowire Field-Effect Transistors for the Detection of Proteins”

Stephanie Jane Maiocco, B.S., M.A., “Biophysical Characterization of Electron Transfer Proteins Containing Multiple Metallocofactors: Investigation of the Adomet Radical and Cytochrome C Peroxidase Enzyme Superfamilies”

Antonio Majdandzic, M.S., “Recovery Processes and Dynamics in Single and Interdependent Networks”

Noemí Martín Santo, B.A., M.A., Dipl., “‘Cosas de Tierras Extranas’: Textos y Contextos de la Relacion del Reyno del Nippon de Bernardino de Avila

Maria Luisa Martinez Martinez, B.A., M.L.A., “Degeneracion, Genio Artistico ‘Degenerado’ y Representacion Literaria en Latinoamerica: El Caso de Julian del Casal

Thomas William McCauley, B.A., M.A., “Chern-Weil Techniques on Loop Spaces and the Maslov Index in Partial Differential Equations”

MaryCatherine Youmell McDonald, B.A., M.A., “Trauma and Adaptation: A Scientifically Informed Phenomenological Account”

Andrew John McMurry, M.S., “Distributed Analyses of Disease Risk and Association across Networks of De- Identified Medical Systems”

Tracy Lynn Meehan, B.S., “Analysis of Engulfment and Cell Corpse Processing by Epithelial Cells in the Drosophila Ovary”

Celina Elizabeth Miranda, B.A., M.S.W., M.Ed., “Integration of Positive Youth Development in Community-Based Youth Development Organizations”

Samantha Jean Moshier, B.A., M.A., “Cognitive Control Training as an Adjunct to Behavioral Activation Therapy in the Treatment of Depression”

Scott Edward Mottarella, B.S., M.S., “Computational Prediction and Analysis of Macromolecular Interactions”

Shangshang Mu, B.Eng., M.S., “Experimental Investigation of Olivine and Olivine-rich Rocks at High Pressure and High Temperature”

Aki Nakai, B.A., M.A.L.D., “A Theory of Alliance Restructuring the Cases in East Asia, 1946 –2000”

Christin Basem Shafik Naoum, B.S.C.S., M.S., “Route Coordination in Brokered Computing Environments”

Isadora Kriegel-Nicholas, B.S.E., M.A., “The Historical Reception of Japanese Cinema at Cahiers du Cinema: 1951–1961”

Mia Ocean, B.A., M.S.W., “Managing the Unmanageable: Perceptions of Structural Barriers and External Influences on the Educational Attainment of Pell Grant Eligible Community College Students”

Benjamin G. Ogden, B.A., M.A., “Public Institutions Under Idiosyncratic Uncertainty”

Brandon Richard Olson, B.A., M.A., M.A., “From Issus to Rhosus: An Assessment of Settlement Dynamics in the Hellenistic Countryside”

Erzen Oncel, B.A., M.A., “Three Essays on Global Political Leadership and Ethnic Representation”

Sarah Ann Oppelt, B.A., “Characterization of the Brain as a Site of Fructose Metabolism and of an Aldolase B Knockout Mouse That Mimics Human Hereditary Fructose Intolerance”

Yang Shin Park, B.A., B.S., M.A., “Three Essays in Bank Mergers and Market Structure”

Rachel Beth Paterno-Mahler, B.A., M.S., “Radio Active Galactic Nuclei in Galaxy Clusters: Feedback, Merger Signatures, and Cluster Tracers”

Sara Maria Pauperio Ribeirinho Machado, Lic., M.Ec., “Essays on the Economics of Blood Donations”

Elisabeth Ruth Perlman, B.A., M.A., “Connecting the Periphery: Three Papers on the Developments Caused by Spreading Transportation and Information Networks in the Nineteenth Century United States”

Michael Louis Piacentino, B.Sc., “Three-Dimensional Skeletal Patterning during Sea Urchin Embryogenesis”

Matthew Paul Pressman, B.A., M.A., “Remaking the News: The Transformation of American Journalism, 1960 –1980”

Davide Proserpio, B.S., M.Eng., “The Impact of Digital Information on Industries and Markets”

Yi Pu, B.Eng., M.A., “Applications of Ion Mobility Spectrometry, Collision-Induced Dissociation and Electron Activated Dissociation Tandem Mass Spectrometry to Structural Analysis of Proteins, Glycoproteins and Glycans”

Tadeusz Janusz Pudlik, B.A., M.A., “The Open Bose-Hubbard Dimer”

Elizabeth A. Pugliano, B.A., M.A., “All Those Who Fight: The Motif of Single Combat in Romanesque Art, c. 1050 –1215”

Caroline M. Riley, B.A., M.A., “‘Ambassadors of Good Will’: The Museum of Modern Art’s Three Centuries of American Art in 1930s Europe and the United States”

Alejandro Rivera Mesias, B.Sc., “Essays on Financial Economics”

Abigail Miller Ross, B.A., M.S.W., M.P.H., “A Mixed Methods Examination of the Role of Social Support in Military Spouses Who Are Mothers of Young Children”

Denis Rybin, Dipl., M.S., “Placebo Response Characteristic in Sequential Parallel Comparison Design Studies”

Nathan David Rycroft, B.S., B.S., M.A., “Identifying Population Structure and Local Adaptation in the American Lobster Using Behavioral, Morphometric, and Genetic Techniques”

Erin Michael Salius, B.A., M.A., “The Catholic Margin in Contemporary Narratives of Slavery”

Ignacio Sanchez Caballero, B.S., M.S., “Using the Host Immune Response to Hemorrhagic Fever Viruses to Understand Pathogenesis and Improve Diagnostics”

Seung Yeon Sang, B.A., M.A., “The Trajectory of Modern Ceramic Scholarship: Okuda Seiichi’s Ceramic Appreciation in the Taisho Period, 1912–1926”

Ali Sanjari, B.Sc., “Liquidation Under Dynamic Price Impact”

Dan Schwab, B.A., “Rents and Regulations in the Developing World”

Shuai Shao, B.S., M.A., “Robustness and Structure of Complex Networks”

Yao Shu, B.S., M.A., “Learning, Favoritism and Incentive Provision within Organizations”

James Brian Silva, B.Sc., M.A., “The Role of Heterogeneity in Long-Range Interacting Systems: From Nucleation to Earthquake Fault Systems”

Kristin Sippl, B.A., M.A., “Certification Organization Governance of Artisanal Gold Mining for the Jewelry Industry”

Brian Scott Smith, B.A., M.S., “Friends, Natives, and Republicans: Three Essays on John Locke and the Natural Law”

Benjamin L. Solow, B.S., M.S., “Aggregate Uncertainty, Framing Effects, and Candidate Entry”

Heng Song, B.S., M.A., “Ergothioneine Production by Synthetic Biology and Structural and Biochemical Characterization of a Non-Heme Iron Enzyme (FtmOx1) Catalyzing Endoperoxide Formation”

Patrick Oliver Sorensen, Sc.B., Sc.M., “Effects of Winter Snowpack on Microbial Activity, Community Composition, and Plant-Microbe Interactions in Mixed-Hardwood Temperate Forests”

Erika Kay Ratana Stalcup, B.A., M.Div., “Sensing Salvation: Spiritual Experience in Early British Methodism, 1735–1765”

Matthew M. Stokes, B.A., B.S., M.A., “Blood Sports: Violence and the Performance of Masculinity in Early Modern Drama”

Christopher Robert Stroup, B.A., M.A.R., “Jewish Acts in the Polis: Ethnic Reasoning and the Jewishness of Christians in the Acts of the Apostles”

Katherine Faust Stryjewski, B.S., “Speciation Genomics and Morphological Evolution in an Extraordinary Avian Radiation, the Lonchura Munias of New Guinea and Australia”

Damien Jules Sulla-Menashe, B.A., M.A., “Using Multi- Resolution Remote Sensing to Monitor Disturbance and Climate Change Impacts on Northern Forests”

Dennis John Sullivan, B.A., M.A., “Uncivil Wars: Does Kantian Adaptive Networks Theory Provide Significant Indications and Warning of Intra-State Conflict?”

Kenneth Andrew Takagi, B.A., “Development of Calcium Stable Isotopes as a Tool to Understand Calcium Cycling in Terrestrial Ecosystems”

Laura Marie Tallon, B.A., M.A., “‘To Vindicate Her Beauty’s Cause’: The Sister Arts and Women Poets, 1680 –1800”

Yuxiang Tan, B.S., M.S., “Computational Approaches for Whole-Transcriptome Cancer Analysis Based on RNA Sequencing Data”

Martina Maria Matilde Anna Tanga, B.A., M.A., “Arte Ambientale and Arte Nel Sociale in Italian Art of the 1970s”

Ahmet Selim Tekelioglu, B.S., M.Sc., “Negotiations of National and Transnational Belonging Among American Muslims: Community, Identity and Polity”

Diane Hirsh Theriault, B.A., M.S., “An Optimization-Based Model of Collective Motion”

Johanna Thompson-Hollands, B.A., M.A., “A Randomized Controlled Trial of a Brief Family Intervention to Reduce Accommodation in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder”

Natalicia Rocha Tracy, B.A., M.A., “Transnational Brazilians: Class, Race, Immigration Status, and Family Life”

Samuel Everett Tuttle, B.A., M.A., “Interrelationships between Soil Moisture and Precipitation at Large Scales, Inferred from Satellite Observations”

Evan Solomon Weinberg, B.S., M.S., “A Novel Approach for the Study of Near Conformal Theories for Electroweak Symmetry Breaking”

Alona Cooper Wilson, B.S., M.A., “The Formation of Hughie Lee-Smith: An African American Artist from 1925 to 1968”

Courtney Maclachlan Wilson, B.A., “Paul’s Therapy of the Soul: A New Approach to John Chrysostom and Anti- Judaism”

Connor Patrick Wood, B.A., M.T.S., “The Rhythm That Unites: An Empirical Investigation into Synchrony, Ritual, and Hierarchy”

Linxi Wu, B.S., M.A., “The Impact of Nanoconjugation to EGF-Induced Apoptosis”

Luting Xue, B.Sc., M.A.S., “Evaluation and Extension of a Kernel-Based Method for Gene-Gene Interaction Tests of Common Variants”

Ei Yang, B.Ec., M.A., “Essays on Financial Friction, Misallocation and Development Dynamics”

Zeynep Oya Yegen Merter, B.A., “Military Regimes, their Constitutions, and Post-Transition Challenges: Comparative Amendment-Making in Chile and Turkey”

Heng Zhang, M.S., “Design, Synthesis, and Evaluation of Nontoxic, Biodegradable Glycerol-Based Polycarbonates as Novel Biomaterials”

Mengxi Zhang, B.S.Sc., M.A., “Optimal Information Disclosure and Optimal Learning”

Shile Zhang, B.S., “Integrative Analysis of the Metastatic Neuroblastoma Transcriptome”

Guihai Zhao, B.Eng., M.A., “Confidence, Asset Returns, and Monetary Policy”

Li Zhou, B.S., M.A., “Small Molecule Inhibitors of Protein- Protein Interactions”

Haohan Zhu, B.E., M.E., “Sequence Queries on Temporal Graphs”

Fan Zhuo, B.S., M.S., M.F.E., M.A., “Essays on Regime Switching and DSGE Models with Applications to U.S. Business Cycle”

Robert Evans Ziegler, B.S., “Development of an Enantioselective Alkaloid Addition to Pyrones and Studies Towards the Synthesis of Vinylallene Natural Products”

Angelo Ziletti, B.S., M.S., “First-Principles Modelling of Materials: From Polythiophene to Phosphorene”