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How can we work together to promote better cultural understanding worldwide?

Qais Akbar Omar (GRS’16), a graduate student in the Creative Writing Program, has published a much-praised memoir, A Fort of Nine Towers: An Afghan Family Story. He recalls how the violence and tumult of civil war jolted his family, who, despite losing relatives, their home, and possessions, continued to nurture his wish to attend a university.

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With your help, students like Qais gain the skills they need to tell their story and give us a broader understanding of the world.

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CAS Facts

  • Founded

    The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) at Boston University was founded in 1873 as the College of Liberal Arts. The Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) was founded in 1874 as the School of All Sciences.

  • Dean

    Virginia Sapiro, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences and professor of political science

  • Enrollment

    CAS enrollment (2013/14): Undergraduate enrollment, 6,850; Graduate enrollment, 1,778

  • Student-Faculty Ratio



    The Fall 2014 freshman class of 1,795 students has a mean high school GPA of 3.6 and a mean composite SAT score of 1970. The entering student population consists of 65 percent women and 35 percent men.


    The CAS Class of 2018 demonstrates a wide range of ethnic diversity; 16.6% identify as Asian, 8.7% as Hispanic, 3.9% as African American, and .7% as Native American. The entering class has students from 53 countries and territories, with 29% of the class identifying as international. The majority of international students join us from Puerto Rico, China, South Korea, and India.


    (2013/14) Full-time instructional faculty: 701; part-time faculty:152; total: 853 (FTE 777)


    Our faculty includes a Nobel Laureate, a MacArthur Fellow, a former Poet Laureate of the U.S., a National Book Award winner, 15 members of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and 42 Guggenheim Fellows.


    During 2013/14, the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences conferred 1,792 bachelor’s degrees, 318 master’s degrees (MA, MFA and MS), and 194 doctoral degrees.


    64,236 (CAS); 19,004 (GRS)


    Full-time undergraduate tuition (2014/2015) is $45,686 per year, plus housing, meals, and expenses.


    In the 2013/2014 academic year, BU undergraduate students received nearly $217 million in grants and scholarships.


    The total dollar amount of new grants and contracts generated for 2013/14 was $63,403,187. The departments or programs that received the largest awards were Psychology ($13.2M), Chemistry ($7.3M), Physics ($7.2M), Earth & Environment ($5.7M), and Biology ($5.4M).