Every semester, we host a variety of workshops for students and alumni at any and all stages of their career development. The sessions are generally held at our office.

Workshop Descriptions

Advanced Cover Letters
Cover letters can be difficult, even after you’ve mastered the basics. Learn how you can take your basic letter to the next level.

Advanced Resumes
Learn how to tailor your resume to the positions you are applying for. Bring your resume and descriptions of 1-2 internships or jobs that interest you.

BU CareerLink: Internships, Jobs, and More
An in-depth look at mastering BU CareerLink to maximize your internship or job search.

Campus Recruiting 101: Learn To Leverage Your BU-ness
Did you know that many employers want to select students from BU for internships and full-time jobs? Campus recruiting includes not only posting positions on BU CareerLink, but coming to campus to meet students. Learn how the system works and what you can do to be noticed and hired. Create a personal strategy for next steps to take in searching for an internship or job.

Career Directions: Starting Your Journey
Learn about the career development cycle. Discuss what you can do now (and why it matters) to get on the right track to figuring out how to make the most of BU and where you want to go after graduation. Learn more.

Career Exploration Group (CEG)
Over five weeks, students work together, under the guidance of a career counselor, to uncover their personal styles and work preferences, employment options, and strategies for launching career plans and job searches.

Careers 101: Know Yourself To Find Your Fit
The best way to find your path is to know yourself, including your skills, interests, and values. Using CareerBeam, we will do a quick web-based assessment and discuss the results as a group. You’ll be able to start your personal action plan for figuring out your future.

Choosing a Major: The Right Fit for You
Steps and resources for selecting a major and the relationship between majors and careers.

Cover Letter Writing 101
Learn the basics of writing a cover letter. You will have the opportunity to begin drafting a cover letter during the workshop.

Landing an Internship
Learn how internships can inform your career direction and skill development.

LinkedIn 101
Looking to maximize your presence on LinkedIn? Learn how to use the social network to explore internships and jobs, network with others, and so much more. Learn the ins and outs of using LinkedIn for your future career path. Please bring your laptop and establish a LinkedIn account prior to attending.

Graduate School Decision Making
This workshop will guide you through identifying, evaluating, and applying to graduate programs.

How To Work a Career Fair
Learn how to prepare for a career fair, how to approach an employer, and how to follow up.

Innovative Job Search Strategies
Learn new strategies and identify resources to prepare for today’s job market.

Interviewing 101
Learn the basics of Interviewing. During the workshop you’ll have the opportunity to create your response to “Tell me about yourself”.

Interviewing for Success
Learn about different types of interviews, how to prepare, review typical questions, and how to follow up with employers.

Interviewing in America: Sharpen Your Skills
Hone your interviewing techniques by bringing your international identity to the table.

Networking 101: Make the Most of Your Connections
Unclear about networking? Discover how easy, enjoyable, and informative it can be. Develop an initial list of contacts and learn how to reach out to make the most of your connections!

Resume Writing 101
Learn the basics of creating a resume. During the workshop you will have the opportunity to work on your “Related Experience” section of your resume. Please bring your laptop, notepads, etc.

Resumes & Cover Letters: What to Know Before You Apply
Wow potential employers and learn how to properly create and polish these critical job-hunting tools.

To request a workshop or program that is not offered on our regular schedule, please complete the Program Request Form and a member of our staff will contact you.