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BU’s Theatre programs.

  • BU post-grad program in Los Angeles

    Graduates of the BU CFA School of Theater are encouraged to continue their study through the graduate certificate program, “Acting in Hollywood”. Designed to introduce recent graduates to the L.A. television and film industry, and be a bridge to the professional world, it is supported by of some of its most important professionals in Hollywood.

  • BU Study Abroad for Theatre Arts

    All of BU’s study abroad options for theatre majors and minors, searchable by location.

Career + Industry Exploration

To help you connect majors with careers, we recommend the following

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Keywords + Job Titles for Search + Career Exploration

Use these to find specific opportunities, or simply to explore and learn more about the field
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Job + Internship Listings

Website databases of available jobs and internships, searchable by location. Use these to search and apply for specific positions, or just to browse and learn more about the job market, different types of internships & jobs, and the desired qualifications for them.

Graduate Programs + Online Courses

Guides to help you identify and evaluate options for further study
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