Resources: Nonprofit, Volunteer + Service Sector

Internship/Job Search

In Print

  • Alternatives to the Peace Corps: A Directory of Global Volunteer Opportunities
    edited by Jennifer Sage Willsea
  • Career Opportunities in the Nonprofit Sector
    by Jennifer Bobrow Burns
  • Careers for Good Samaritans & Other Humanitarian Types
    by Marjorie Eberts and Margaret Gisler
  • The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers for First-time Job Seekers (Hundreds of Heads Survival Guides)
    by Meg Busse and Steven Joiner
  • Make a Difference: America’s Guide to Volunteering and Community Service
    by Arthur I. Blaustein
  • The Nonprofit Career Guide: How to Land a Job That Makes a Difference
    by Shelly Cryer