Exploring Careers

The Mosaic: Your Major and Beyond

By the time you graduate, you’ll leave BU with a diploma and 100-plus credits of academic learning, but you’ll also hopefully enter the world-at-large brimming with new passions and equipped with valuable skills. You’ll have learned firsthand that what you do outside the classroom is just as important as what you do inside, keeping your outlook dynamic, increasing your appeal to future employers, and contributing to your professional satisfaction. We think of this total experience as “the Mosaic,” an interwoven tapestry that is continually being added to and improved upon during your time at BU. The work related to your major is just one, albeit significant, element. There are plenty of others to keep in mind.

Your Major:Your AcademicAnchor >

There are hundreds to choose from. And don't worry, you can change it if the fit isn't right. Learn how to navigate this important academic decision here. Majors

Give Back to the Community >

Volunteering lets you give back to the community and learn things you might not encounter in a typical school or work day. BU's Community Service Center

Internships + Summer or Part-Time Jobs >

Internships and summer or part-time jobs can be a wonderful way to learn about various career fields and job types, as well as to gain solid experience. Internships + Jobs

Put Some Global In Your Step >

An international experience lets you embrace a new culture, learn a new language, and can boost your professional appeal. Study Abroad Program

Extracurricular + Student Activities >

Find a social outlet and work with a team. Clubs, sports, student government, residence life can all enrich your college experience. Student Activities Office

Spice Up Your Coursework >

Indulge your curiosity. Coursework unrelated to your major is highly encouraged. Combining new knowledge and skills can infuse your career-building. Colleges + Courses

Undergraduate Research >

Under the guidance of a faculty mentor, you can gain one-of-a-kind experience in the production of new knowledge and critical problem solving. Research Opportunities

Fellowships >

BU can provide information and support to you for many fellowship, scholarship, award, and prize opportunities, including Rhodes, British Marshall, and Fulbright. Fellowships + Grants