From Backpack to Briefcase: Transitioning Smoothly from Academia to the Work World

12:00 pm on Wednesday, September 24, 2014
1:00 pm on Wednesday, September 24, 2014
Online Webinar
American Management Consulting Firms Presents: From Backpack to Briefcase: Transitioning Smoothly from Academia to the Work World

Congratulations! You made it through final exams, the nail-biting recruitment process and have recently started your first full-time job! What now? You've likely gotten a lot of advice about how to find a full-time job, where to look for a full-time job and who to speak to about a full-time job. You get lots of pertinent, relevant information from friends, parents, siblings, Career Services, etc. But what about the things no one tells you? What about the stuff you don't even know to question until you are smack dab in the middle of the situation? For example: You are asked to pinch hit at the last minute and run your weekly team meeting….what NOW? You have to send an email to the CEO of your new firm - how should it be phrased? Should you be friendly or formal…or both? You have to do your first self-appraisal…where to begin?

Your first full-time job out of school is a big deal. As such, all the new experiences you'll have can't possibly be addressed in a class or a book or in a chat over a coffee. However, the work world is significantly different from your academic life in a lot of important ways. To that end, we've gathered together quite a few 'insider tips' to help you transition smoothly and successfully from one environment to another.

Noelle LaCorbiniere, the presenter, is an HR professional and has worked for a European Investment Bank, a private Financial Services consulting firm and a global IT consulting firm. Noelle has had a variety of different HR roles; as an experienced hire recruiter, a generalist, a campus recruiter and an HR Director. Throughout her career, Noelle started seeing the same dearth of knowledge, year after year, in the analyst classes recruited into her firms and realized that entry level analysts can't be expected to know what no one tells them! Join us for an insightful and revealing webinar to help entry level recruits start their new careers as prepared as possible.

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