Boston Idea Week

All Day
on Thursday, October 3, 2013
Boston Idea Week (BIW) will bring together Boston’s change-makers, leaders, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs and world-class college students to share and celebrate innovative ideas, products, networks and businesses that are being tested and formed in Boston.

Idea Week 2013 will take place in Boston’s Innovation District showcasing the talented individuals, businesses and future opportunities in this thriving area. Boston Idea Week is a joint venture by the Boston Redevelopment Authority and the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, two organizations focused on the continued growth of Boston’s innovation economy.

Schedule of Events for Thursday, October 3:

10:00am – 5:00pm: The LOOK
Host: The Innovation and Design Building
Location: The Innovation and Design Building
Join the designers of The Innovation and Design Building for a day filled with product launches, new trends and design discoveries.

9:00 am: LaunchPad on Demand Host: The Capital Network
Location: Google Hangout
An entrepreneurs dream: spend an hour in a roundtable mentoring session with Launchpad angels and other entrepreneurs. Launchpad on Demand sessions are virtual office hours held via Google hangout on the first and third Thursday of every month. Attendance is limited to allow for a 3-3 ratio of angels to entrepreneurs giving you the best one on one discussion, all from the comfort of your computer. Launchpad members are ready to answer your most burning questions about your business and where to go next.

4pm: Boston Tech Jam
Host: Boston Area Tech Companies
Location: District Hall
Boston-area companies, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, students and industry associations will come together for the inaugural Boston TechJam, a block party celebrating Boston’s tech industry leadership and status as a cradle of innovation. Billed as a showcase for 21st century business development and growth, Boston TechJam will connect students from our world-class higher learning institutions, entrepreneurs, business leaders, venture capitalists and incubators in a fun, supportive environment that celebrates everything about starting and building thriving businesses in the State of Massachusetts.

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