Application Deadline: Trillium Trading, LLC

All Day
on Sunday, March 10, 2013
CCD, 100 Bay State Road, Fifth Floor
Position: Equity Trader

Interview Date: March 22

Trillium Trading, LLC is a leading proprietary electronic equity trading firm. The firm has over 125 experienced traders working in its midtown Manhattan, Princeton and Miami Beach offices and is one of the most active firms in its industry. Position located in New York, NY. Equity traders make split-second buy and sell decisions and place orders on a keyboard-based trading platform while under the supervision of a Senior Trainer/Trader. This position offers a high amount of autonomy and independent judgment from an early stage of employment. Recruits are required to pass the Trillium 7 and 55 exams, then taught to use the firm's customizable trading tools upon completion of the exams.

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