MarketOne International and Verbatim Advisory Group Employer Information Session

5:00 pm on Thursday, November 1, 2012
6:00 pm on Thursday, November 1, 2012
BU CCD (100 Bay State Road, Sixth Floor)
Hedge funds, mutual funds, and private equity firms count on Verbatim to provide a core element in their investment decisions. Its Researchers find and interview key contacts to learn about a company's new products, sales trends, and strategic corporate changes. Portfolio managers and analysts can then use this legally obtained information in their mosaic for determining whether to buy, sell, or hold a security. Verbatim delivers reports with its findings and also speaks with clients. Prior investigations have covered many geographies and industries: Brazilian real estate, European luxury goods, Texas oil drilling equipment, and cloud computing. Although clients have access to other information on topics like these and others, Verbatim's information is unique and has specific investor-oriented conclusions. This has enabled Verbatim to gain share in a competitive and demanding market, and the company has particularly high client retention rates. The privately held company was founded in 2001, and has a friendly goal-oriented culture where internal promotion is the norm.

Verbatim's headquarters will be moving to Waltham, with field offices in London and Tokyo. Its research is conducted in more than 10 languages.

Students interested in careers in finance, portfolio management, and research are likely to find opportunities at Verbatim.

For BU graduates and those near graduation, Verbatim offers positions as Researchers on a management or analytical track. Multi-lingual capabilities are a plus and are highly sought by Verbatim. Internships and full-time positions are generally available.

Space is limited, you must sign up (by October 31) through BU CareerLink to attend.
See the job postings in BU CareerLink for application criteria.

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