Management Consulting: Why Does it Exist and Why is it Such a Great Career Opportunity Webinar

12:00 pm on Thursday, October 4, 2012
1:00 pm on Thursday, October 4, 2012
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Management Consulting: Why Does it Exist and Why is it Such a Great Career Opportunity

Management consulting is a big business offering those interested in entering the field an abundance of opportunities. Students at any level of education - from University to PHD, can find exciting career paths within the consulting industry. That said, it is often hard to define the value that consultants deliver to their clients and to the world as a whole.

Whether managers and leaders hire consultants to provide expertise and security or to bolster their own image in an organization or simply provide legitimacy to a decision that they have already made, consultants and their firms clearly provide real support to clients. Otherwise, why would this industry be experiencing double-digit growth and be relevant to so many leading businesses and organizations?

Join Dr. Joe O’Mahoney, a leading researcher, lecturer about the consulting industry and former consultant to hear about what makes the consulting industry tick and how the industry is structured. Using data and deep expertise he will also explain the kind of work consultants do, how big and small firms are organized and where the opportunities are for young graduates of leading universities in the exciting world of management consulting.

This is a rare opportunity for students to get a clearer view of the consulting industry and gain a better understanding of where they might be happiest starting and building their careers.

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