Internship Stories: Creativity and Activism at MassVOTE

April 30, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-04-09 at 12.40.43 PMBy James Krolewski (Questrom’19), Yawkey Nonprofit Internship Program

My name is James Krolewski, and my internship at MassVOTE allowed me to explore the nonprofit sector and learn more about my own interests in the process.

Cheryl Crawford, the executive director of MassVOTE, whom I worked directly under, gave me a lot of autonomy as an intern. My first day, Cheryl wanted to hear about my interests, and from that point on, she tailored my tasks to the intersection of what I would enjoy doing and what MassVOTE needed done.

My time at MassVOTE was especially exciting because it coincided with Boston’s mayoral and city council election cycle. Since I enjoy creative projects, I was able to design graphics promoting the upcoming election and spread them on social media. I was also tasked with designing MassVOTE’s semiannual newsletter to send out to their thousands of constituents. It felt great to do things I genuinely enjoyed doing that also benefitted the organization.

During my internship, I also stepped out of my comfort zone. In the few weeks before the election, myself and a few others went around Boston to approach voters to sign petitions for various causes we care about. Although I tend to be very opinionated and passionate about my viewpoints, I would never believe someone if they told me I would be accosting people to sign petitions. Even though it nerve-wracking at first, it felt great knowing I made positive impact on society (even if it was very small) by doing something I normally wouldn’t.

Looking back at my time at MassVOTE makes me glad I interned there. It truly reaffirmed the old cliché that if you do what you love, you won’t feel like you’re actually working.