Student Stories: A “Marvelous” Television Internship

April 11, 2018

Jackie ColletJacqueline Collet In-Action PhotoBy Jackie Collet, Yawkey Program Intern

I am a theater professional by training and trade, before this experience, I did not know much about television production except for what I imagined and just watching the end product. I have always been curious about it, and I wanted to learn more about the production process.

I chose to spend this summer working with Dhana Gilbert to see what Television & Film production is like because as a cousin to theater production it is something that has always interested me. My position on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel was to be the production intern; this meant that I would travel to different departments and work with each one as we moved through the production of an episode. A producer needs to have knowledge of every department to be able to make sure that each part and ultimately the whole project runs according to plan and goes smoothly. The producer also does simultaneous problem solving and planning for the next episode as they manage the production of the current episode. 

As a theater person in an entirely new environment, this internship was the perfect opportunity for me to see what life would be like in the many different jobs of producing a television drama. My days would regularly change, and I loved the change of pace. For example, my first day I went on set with Dhana Gilbert’s assistant Daniel, and he introduced me to all the different people and explained the different departments.

My responsibilities changed depending on which different department I was working with each day. I spent time in many departments including the locations department, the writers, the art department, the production department, the set dressing and decoration department the assistant director’s department, the costume department, the sound department, and the props department. That first day I felt like a lost theater person observing a secret world that was similar to mine but just a little different. From that moment on I felt this urge to learn everything I could to be a part of this community. My internship was a marvelous experience!