Internship Series: Fidelity Investments

March 5, 2014

Chris von Keitz - Fidelity Investments InternChris von Keitz
SMG ‘15 | Major: Finance, minor in Economics
Corporate Audit Intern, Fidelity Investments

During the summer of 2013, Chris von Keitz was a Corporate Audit Intern at Fidelity Investments. He found the position by connecting with Boston University alum on LinkedIn and forging a relationship with a current Fidelity employee who later invited him to interview.

CCD: Tell us about your experience this past summer at Fidelity Investments.

Chris: My day-to-day activities at Fidelity Investments included analyzing major financial market movements via Bloomberg Terminal and reporting on my research to my team and boss. My project required me to study the bond market, including fixed income related valuation metrics such as duration and convexity. In the latter part of the summer, I focused on mastering advanced Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) pricing valuation models and principles. During the last week of my internship, I presented my work to the department executives. It was positively received, and I was presented with the Intern of the Summer – Boston award.

CCD: How did you find your internship?

Chris: I knew I wanted to apply and expand my finance background by interning at a large financial services company. After creating a list of target companies, I used LinkedIn to find Boston University alumni and employees in the positions that interested me and reached out to them. I connected with a current Fidelity employee. Following an hour meeting in Starbucks as well as several emails, he invited me to come in for a round of interviews. When I received the call notifying me of my acceptance to the internship program, it was a surreal moment of extreme joy, relief, and excitement.

CCD: What has been the best thing and the worst thing about your internship?

Chris: The best part was the opportunity to work with an excellent team in an open corporate culture, conducive to learning on a daily basis. Their willingness to answer any questions I asked and my instant acceptance on the team truly made my internship experience memorable. The worst part was the hour-long commute on the T, especially on days when the Red Sox played a home game.

CCD: What is one thing that you’ve learned that will be most beneficial in your next internship?

Chris: Keeping track of all deliverables and time-management are absolutely vital. You are expected to handle multiple tasks at once, which can only be achieved with a key focus on both daily tasks and big-picture objectives.

CCD: How has this internship changed your future plans?

Chris: I was unsure about the exact route to pursue following graduation. While working with recent graduates I learned about their different career paths and plans for the future. Now I have a clear understanding of the steps I need to take in order to pursue similar career paths.

CCD: What are the top 3 skills you’ve learned from your internship experience?

Chris: I learned how to work on a dynamic and productive team in a corporate environment. Teams for school projects function very differently than in the professional world, and there is a slight learning curve in the beginning. Since you work with your team more than anyone else, it is essential to foster unity and an understanding for each other. My internship also highlighted the extreme value of time management. When under a time limit, I learned how to ask the right questions and prioritize my time. Lastly, learning how to use Bloomberg Terminal and how the financial markets function , especially the bond and and U.S. Treasuries, is an invaluable takeaway from my internship.

CCD: What’s next? Do you know where you’re going to intern next?

Chris: I am currently interning at the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) in London. Following my return to the US, I am extremely excited to intern again at Fidelity Investments in summer 2014.