Anxiety Disorders Treatment Study

We are enrolling individuals in a treatment program for anxiety disorders at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at Boston University. Treatment will be available at no cost to those who qualify for this program.

What are anxiety disorders?

Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressful situation and it helps you deal with them by motivating you and keeping you focused.  An anxiety disorder can develop when anxiety becomes frequent and excessive and you develop a fear and dread of everyday situations. (Click here to learn more about each anxiety disorder)

What is the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Program?

The Anxiety Disorder Treatment Program compares two treatments for anxiety disorders shown to be helpful at decreasing symptoms of anxiety. These treatments are the customary treatments delivered at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders.

Who qualifies?

Individuals who meet criteria for at least one of the following four anxiety disorders may be eligible for treatment*:

* An intake assessment will determine diagnostic eligibility for study participation.

What kind of treatment does the program offer?

The program offers two different types of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), a treatment shown to be effective for a variety of psychological disorders including anxiety disorders. The cognitive skills you learn during treatment help you change the thinking patterns that support your anxiety. The behavioral skills you learn during treatment help you change the way you respond to anxiety-provoking situations.

How do I find out more about the treatment study?

Visit our website: or email our research coordinator, Meghan, at or call her at (857) 998-3255 for more details on the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Study. She will be happy to speak with you about our treatment study and answer any questions you may have.