News: Giving Matters

Across campus and around the globe, your support of the Annual fund is making a difference. Giving Matters is a quarterly update that highlights just a few of the many things members of the BU community are able to achieve thanks to donor support.

Volume 5

Thumbnail image of Law StudentsVolume 5, Issue 2: BU Law Clinics

Keeping pace with the evolving technological landscape, the Entrepreneurship, Intellectual Property & Cyberlaw Program is a unique collaboration between the Boston University School of Law and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Thumbnail image of Think TankVolume 5, Issue 1: The CAS Think Tank

It’s a place of light and learning, collaboration and cross-disciplinary investigation, creation, connection, and more—and your generous gifts to the Annual Fund helped CAS open the Think Tank.

Volume 4

Thumbnail image of doctorsVolume 4, Issue 4: Saving lives, families, communities

BU professors Robert Stern and Ann McKee have been at the forefront of CTE research for nearly a decade. Characterized by memory loss, confused thinking, and changes in behavior such as violence and impulsivity, CTE particularly affects athletes involved in contact sports, though it has also been found in veterans.

STH thumbnail imageVolume 4, Issue 3: STH Students Find Their Focus

School of Theology students often travel to far-flung locations to help hone their mission. Annual Fund donations help offset the costs of travel seminars. One recent seminar took students to the Arizona/Mexico border, offering a close and complex view of the experiences of undocumented migrants and those who work with them.

DeWolfe Boathouse thumbnail imageVolume 4, Issue 2: Your Impact at Work

The BU Annual Fund is a pool of donated, unrestricted dollars that supports many things, including scholarships, facilities, programs, or entirely new initiatives. The impact of Annual Fund giving is tremendous—donors gave more than $20 million in the 2016 fiscal year—and stretches across the entire campus. Here a few success stories.

Blackstone Community Center thumbnail imageVolume 4, Issue 1: Bridging Research and Reality

The work of the Activist Lab at the BU School of Public Health is guided by three principles: education, innovation, and advocacy. Gifts to SPH’s Investment in the Future of Public Health Fund can support an array of Activist Lab activities. To the students and faculty at the lab, and the communities they serve, your giving matters.

Volume 3

Jeanette Quinn thumbnail photoVolume 3, Issue 4: Jeannette Quinn

College was a distant dream for Jeannette Quinn—and graduate school wasn’t even on the horizon. In spite of a traumatic and abusive upbringing, today she is a student in the BU School of Social Work (SSW) and working her way toward a master’s degree. To students like Quinn, your giving matters.

Aphasia center thumbnail photoVolume 3, Issue 3: Getting Lives Back

Most of the patients in the BU Aphasia Resource Center are stroke survivors whose vascular injuries affect their speech and comprehension. The center welcomes up to 75 patients a week—some 300 a year—of all ages and from all walks of life. To these patients, your giving matters.

SHAVolume 3, Issue 2: Hospitality on a Global Scale

When SHA sent a half-dozen of its young students abroad in the summer of 2015, it ushered in a new era for the School: a chance for students to learn in places where hospitality has been a way of life for millennia. To the students at BU’s School of Hospitality, your giving matters.

WBUR DJVolume 3, Issue 1: The Beat of Boston Goes On

Local listeners have enjoyed WTBU since its founding in the late 1950s, but its staff—the 100-odd undergraduates who volunteer to sustain its round-the-clock existence each semester—gains much more. To the students who work at WBUR and loyal listeners everywhere, your giving matters.

Volume 2

BU AEFVolume 2, Issue 4: Unique, Unusual, Unbelievable

Interdisciplinary education is a hallmark at BU and remains among the most effective ways to teach. So it’s no surprise that the University formalized the interdisciplinary approach within the Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning (CITL). Only a few years old, CITL has already changed the way research is done at CGS.

BU AEFVolume 2, Issue 3: Enhancing Education

The City of Boston has long provided experiences perfectly tuned to the University’s academic program. Recognizing this, BU’s College of Arts & Sciences created the Academic Enhancement Fund (AEF) to enable faculty from CAS to take good advantage of Boston as they build unique learning opportunities into their courses.

BU SMGVolume 2, Issue 2: In the Service of Social Change

The Public & Nonprofit MBA (PNP) equips students with strong management skills to address society’s most urgent humanitarian, environmental, economic, and social challenges. For PNP students, those efforts start at home. Read some examples of how today’s students are working to address needs of their community, with your help.

read_and_writeVolume 2, Issue 1: A Hidden Gem at SED

The Donald D. Durrell Reading & Writing Clinic at the Boston University School of Education is a win-win-win-win situation. Thanks to the generosity of BU donors, the clinic is able to provide scholarships to some of its most needy students. To these students—and students like them—your giving matters.

Volume 1

gm_4Volume 1, Issue 4: A Commitment to Public Service

The Public Interest Project (PIP) was founded in 1984 by three BU School of Law classmates who wanted to do summer internships in public agencies, but couldn’t afford to forgo paid summer jobs. They designed PIP as a source of support for BU Law students like themselves who had a passion—if not the purse—for public service.

gm3_bannerVolume 1, Issue 3: Medicine Meets Fine Arts

For the past two years, the Arts Outreach Program has been exploring ways to put art to work at the campus. With the help of Annual Fund dollars, the initiative uses the arts to enhance patient care, improve clinical function, and boost staff morale—while encouraging CFA students to push the boundaries of their art.

seated_studyVolume 1, Issue 2: Access for Exceptional Students

Keeping a Boston University education affordable for all qualified students, no matter what their families’ economic circumstances, is an overriding priority for BU. Inclusiveness is one of the University’s oldest and proudest traditions, and a diverse student body is one of our great strengths.

DSC_0028 copyVolume 1, Issue 1: Seeing S.T.A.R.S.

Instead of getting summer jobs unrelated to their fields of study, ten students spent the summer gaining invaluable research experience through the College of Engineering’s Summer Term Alumni Research Scholars (STARS) program, a program supported by BU’s Annual Fund.