STH Fund

Boston University School of Theology, founded in 1839 as the Newbury Biblical Institute, is the oldest Methodist theological seminary in North America and the founding school of Boston University. Its historic commitments are represented in the Boston University coat of arms: learning, virtue, and piety. The faculty strives to embody these historic priorities by emphasizing academic excellence, religion’s role as bearer of values, and the preparation of leaders for Christian ministries.

As a university-based theological school, Boston University School of Theology is privileged to promote academic excellence in cooperation with the University’s other schools and colleges. Students are encouraged to pursue interdisciplinary learning within the wider University, and faculty members frequently cultivate relationships across departmental lines, including team teaching, collaboration in research centers, cross-registration of courses, and joint research projects. The School of Theology faculty cooperates with colleagues in the Division of Religion and Theological Studies, School of Fine Arts, School of Social Work, School of Education, and the African Studies, American Studies, Judaic Studies, Classics, Anthropology, Sociology, and History Departments. Scholarship at the School of Theology is strengthened by participation in this larger intellectual community.

Donations to BUSTH are invaluable, offering the School opportunities to expand students’ experiences and continue to provide excellence in teaching, research, and scholarship. The support of alumni is the best tool for maintaining the School’s competitive edge and cultivating the next generation of transformational religious leaders. We hope we can count on your continued and much- appreciated support.

Programs and activities supported by the STH Fund

Alumni/ae contributions to the School of Theology Fund are vital to help the School train students for ministry in the contemporary world. Gifts to the STH Fund enhance many aspects of student life by supporting:

  1. Springboard fellowships, which provide support to students enrolled in travel seminars or engaged in contextual projects to learn from people in other cultures or to immerse themselves in their diverse ministries. Students reflect on these experiences with phrases like “life-changing,” “eye-opening,” and “the best experience I’ve had in seminary.” We have reached the end of the grants that partially subsidized the Springboard Fellowships so, in the coming year, we will depend on the annual fund to help this program thrive while we raise money to endow global engagement fellowships on a permanent basis.
  2. Community and spiritual life, supporting our vital program of Saturday reading retreats, weekly worship and Morning Prayer, overnight retreats, lectures and workshops, and other special activities that nourish the BUSTH community and each person within it. Your contributions have made it possible for us to triple our offerings in the past three years, and we want to continue building this important part of our common life.
  3. Outreach to alumni, which last year included the livestreaming of 27 worship services, 14 lectures, and many seminars; 10 webinars; 4 live reporting events from Ferguson and Baltimore; 7 oral history interviews for the Narrative Power Class taught by Dean Mary Elizabeth Moore; and our annual issue of Focus, which covered transformational leadership. You have told us that you want more from the School, even if you live a thousand miles away. With your help, we will continue to enhance the quality of our existing resources and create new opportunities for you to connect more fully with the School and with each other.