SMG & GSM Fund

The quality of a BU management education and student experience depends in large part on alumni, parents, and friends who donate to the School of Management. Donors help us to build innovative curricula, recruit high-quality faculty, provide faculty research funds, award critical student financial aid, create new programs for alumni, and so much more. As a result, the School’s reputation increases as well as the value of a BU School of Management degree.

We are proud to be an institution known for innovation and entrepreneurship, and we plan to continue on that track by teaching students to think of creating value for their organizations, their communities, and the world. To sustain and improve our unique, demanding curricula and our impressive research, we need your support.

Programs and activities supported by the SMG Fund

Investment in the SMG Fund allows the School to recruit and retain world-class faculty; attract highly talented students from across the globe; support innovative research initiatives that drive practical applications of management theory; and expand resources for the SMG community, such as increased alumni career services and outreach activities. Gifts to the SMG Fund support: