MET Fund

Metropolitan College (MET) offers part-time, full-time, and international students a remarkable range of programs to help enrich their lives and advance their careers.

There are more than 60 undergraduate and graduate degree and certificate programs available at MET, along with hundreds of individual courses—all designed for the student who seeks a more creative, flexible setting, whether that means part-time study, evening classes, or convenient locations.

Gifts to the Boston University Metropolitan College Fund allow Metropolitan College to provide its students with excellent educational opportunities.

Programs and activities supported by the MET Fund

Student aid

MET’s programs serve individuals and employers throughout greater Boston, across the country, and around the world. Alumni generosity helps fund the education of students who lack the financial means or corporate support to take advantage of a MET education. Through the Community Scholar Academic Scholarship Program, MET is also committed to helping local students who are pursuing part-time degrees at community colleges in Boston. We have more than ten scholarships that are given annually or by semester and decided by both merit and need to students continuing their education at BU.

High-quality programs

Alumni donations ensure that MET continues to attract top faculty and offer high-quality programs to working professionals. The College has been recognized as a Center of Academic Excellence by the National Security Agency for its focus on information security and privacy in its computer science programs and received a bronze award from the United States Distance Learning Association for its interactive program Food Stuff: A Taste of Biology. From actuarial science and cooking with Jacques Pepin to mapping Boston’s future and designing video game technology—MET offers several noncredit and for-credit programs that compose a unique academic tapestry.

Distance education and online learning

MET pioneered BU’s ventures in online learning. Boston University’s distance education programs enable nearly 2,000 working professionals and other adults from around the world to continue their education through a variety of technologies. Dean Halfond oversees all extended education endeavors for the University to ensure quality, uniformity, and competitive academics. MET is also interested in integrating more alumni activity from graduates of our online programs and overseas campuses.

Military programs

MET continues to expand its military programs at Marine headquarters in Arlington and Quantico, Virginia—the U.S. Marine Corps recently invited MET to direct its distance learning efforts worldwide.

International initiatives

As globalization becomes a focus for the University’s educational mission, MET shares its objective to further develop and strengthen international education both locally and abroad. Incorporating real-world issues into its programs, MET has played a crucial role in merging these two spheres.

MET community

In an effort to provide access, excellence, and innovation, Metropolitan College is committed to updating the facilities and resources available to our students, faculty, and staff.