General Education alumni support the Boston University College of General Studies (CGS) and contribute to the General Education Fund because CGS is committed to the same values as GC/CGE/DGE: a common core curriculum and a team-teaching environment.

Programs and activities supported by the GC/CGE/DGE Fund

Building renovations

Funds donated to these areas will help renovate the Judson Rae Butler Study Center, Academic Support Center and Student Computing Lounge, located on the third floor of the College of General Studies building, giving students and faculty an open space within the College that is conducive to studying. In addition, funds will be used to upgrade and add learning tools, and further enhance the academic support we are able to offer by funding tutors for students.

Student scholarships and undergraduate research opportunities

Donations to the CGS Fund allow the College to help meet the financial needs of students and grant them financial opportunities to explore academic research interests.

Faculty development

Supporting faculty development at the College supports students. CGS has a dedicated faculty that engages in ongoing research. Donations to the CGS Fund will allow faculty to explore new developments in teaching and the latest advancements in their fields.

Technology upgrades

Although the College has benefited tremendously by adding new computers, additional funds are crucial for maintenance and upgrades. Donations to the CGS Fund support the College’s commitment to upgrading technology—computers, software, and audio and visual equipment.