CGS Fund/DGE Alumni

Since 1952, the College of General Studies has advanced the unique and distinctive interdisciplinary curriculum and team-taught method that is its hallmark.

Under Dean Natalie McKnight, the College has seen many improvements, including major renovation projects, more electives for students, study-abroad opportunities, increased financial aid, enhanced faculty research initiatives, and more. Today, more than 70 faculty members, advisors, specialists, and support staff members serve between 1,200 and 1,400 freshmen and sophomores each year by helping to transform each student into an adult and future leader.

The College of General Studies is seeking funding and support to meet its most urgent needs and continue preparing its students for the highest measures of personal and professional success. Gifts to the CGS Fund are used as follows:

Programs and activities supported by the CGS Fund

Supplemental financial assistance

The cost of higher education represents a tremendous financial burden for students and parents—a burden too heavy for some to bear. Donations to the CGS Fund allow the College to help fill unmet financial needs by offering research and travel stipends, merit awards, campus jobs, and emergency aid to undergraduates so they have every opportunity to explore their academic interests.

Renovations classrooms, labs, and lecture halls

Optimal learning requires facilities that are functional, up-to-date, and safe. Donations to the CGS Fund provide work spaces for quiet study, group collaboration, classes, and multimedia learning within the College. A new science center for CGS students and faculty is the next priority, with plans to feature three teaching labs, one of which will feature a greenhouse window for plant-based experiments; and a fourth lab oriented toward research, which will support student and faculty research. Additionally, some lecture halls and classrooms require renovation to meet the needs of today’s students.

Technology Upgrades

The regular upgrading of computer hardware, computer software, and other equipment provides students with the best digital learning resources.

Faculty development

Although their main emphasis is on teaching, faculty members are always working on research and publication endeavors that enrich the scholarly landscape and build value and recognition for each professor, his or her department, and the University at large. CGS is no exception, and its faculty work hard to develop their teaching alongside their own academic pursuits. Donations to the CGS Fund will allow the dean of the College to sponsor faculty participation in conferences, symposia, and seminars, as well as to fund research projects that advance the College’s mission.

Enhance Student Life

Gifts to the CGS Fund support these interest groups by subsidizing forums, study groups, research projects, food and beverages for key community events, and other activities that enhance student life at the College and encourage faculty-student interaction.

Support the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

CITL stimulates and nurtures excellent undergraduate interdisciplinary education, and foregrounds best practices in teaching. The Center offers pedagogies and meaningful and practical educational opportunities which others—undergraduate faculty, students, and alumni— can learn from, adapt, and further promote. Gifts to the CGS Fund support CITL programming such as the annual conference, summer institute, undergraduate teaching, biannual online journal, and more.

Just as the College of General Studies is proud of its faculty, students, and alumni, it is also appreciative of the generosity expressed by its parents and friends. CGS could not have achieved more than sixty years of excellence and leadership in the field of general education without the support and feedback of the General Studies community.