CFA Fund

The College of Fine Arts is supported by three Annual Funds for the School of Music, School of Theatre, and School of Visual Arts, as well as the College-wide CFA Fund which is used for general support. These funds help to underwrite initiatives that benefit current and future students of each school, as well as the College’s wider artistic endeavors.

Gifts to the College of Fine Arts Fund will help:

  • Support The Freshman Experience, an initiative launched in 2011 designed to help first-year undergraduate students strengthen relationships across music, theatre, and visual arts, and to expose them to broad artistic offerings at CFA and throughout Greater Boston
  • Launch the Citizen Artist Series, a series of informal evening lectures highlighting CFA faculty, students and alumni guest speakers who have used their artistry to advocate and respond to societal challenges
  • Fund technology advances to benefit students, faculty and alumni, and promote the College at large. For instance, last fall the BU Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Chorus became the first-ever group to web-stream a concert live from Boston’s historic Symphony Hall. We also launched a new Virtual Concert Hall and Virtual Art Gallery
  • Provide resources for visiting guest artists, performances, and exhibitions open to the CFA, BU, and Greater Boston communities
  • Underwrite additional needs of the College—funds will be used at the dean’s discretion to update and maintain facilities, provide scholarships and tuition assistance, and address other areas of greatest need

Gifts to the Friends of Music Fund will help:

  • Provide music students with additional financial aid
  • Underwrite the annual fall and spring BU Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Chorus concerts at Boston’s historic Symphony Hall.
  • Provide resources for instrument acquisition and maintenance
  • Provide master classes with, and residencies for, distinguished musicians and scholars
  • Support student travel for competitions and conferences
  • Support the maintenance and updating of School of Music facilities
  • Underwrite production of faculty recordings that will increase the visibility of the School

Gifts to the Friends of Theatre Fund will help:

  • Theatre students meeting rising tuition costs
  • Support the maintenance and upgrades to performance and rehearsal spaces
  • Commission new works
  • Assist the Boston University Professional Theatre Initiative, which provides opportunities for students and recent alumni to participate in an ever-expanding network of professional theatres throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic
  • Sponsor faculty residencies for distinguished teaching artists in acting, directing, and design

Gifts to the Friends of Visual Arts Fund will help:

  • Purchase equipment not included in student tuition fees, such as easels, LCD projectors and screens for graduate students, digital cameras for student use, printmaking rollers, HEPA vacuums for sculpture cleanup, and copying and printing costs for students
  • Support the maintenance and updating of Visual Arts facilities
  • Help purchase equipment for the woodshop used by students, maintaining a safe and up-to-date work environment
  • Underwrite undergraduate and graduate student exhibitions
  • Sponsor residencies and master classes by distinguished guest artists
  • Fund undergraduate and graduate travel-related to study, research, and conferences

Thank you for your support!