University-Wide Funds

Today, more than ever, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to predict where the greatest scientific breakthroughs will occur, or where the most inspiring opportunities for students will arise.

However, almost all contributions to Boston University are specifically designated for (or restricted to) certain priorities, and can’t be used for other needs and opportunities. Unrestricted support provides BU with much-needed flexibility, allowing us to rapidly respond to immediate needs or pursue unexpected opportunities.

Unrestricted gifts can be made to the University as a whole, to address BU’s area of greatest need, to scholarships or student life, to the Community Service Center, or to any School or College fund at BU.

Find out more about one of the university-wide funds below, or click here to find out more about the priorities within each School or College. Contact your School or College alumni officer for questions about supporting the Annual Fund, Annual Fund Leadership Giving Societies, alumni events, or volunteer opportunities at your School or College.


Gifts to a particular school or college allow administrators to strengthen student opportunities, whether it’s granting more students access to programs through increased financial aid, or enhancing the academic experience through programmatic support. Click here to find out more about the priorities within each School or College.


BU is dedicated to supporting excellence in athletics, academics, and community. An investment in your favorite team empowers our student-athletes to dream big and and our programs to surpass our goals. Click here to read about athletic priorities.


These gifts help BU address its most pressing needs and opportunities, in real-time; from break-through academic investments to everyday financial aid. Designate your gift to the Area of Greatest Need.


Scholarship gifts provide increasingly necessary financial assistance for Boston University undergraduates throughout their tenure at the University. Make a gift to scholarship and financial aid.


Students’ fondest recollections of BU often include late nights studying or socializing that the George Sherman Union, leading student organizations, or participating in community service projects. Boston University supports more than 500 student organizations on campus and hosts hundreds of activities each year. Gifts to student life enhance the student experience at Boston University and contribute to many meaningful memories.


The Community Service Center (CSC) is a student-run office dedicated to volunteering in the heart of Boston. The CSC aims to provide the Boston University community with opportunities to address and improve the critical concerns of Greater Boston; to support and encourage students to make a difference; to serve as a vehicle for personal growth and leadership; to be active and responsible community members; to broaden the scope of the educational experience through service and reflection; and to serve Greater Boston in a meaningful and mutually beneficial way. Gifts to the CSC support community service and civic engagement among BU students, and also impact the Greater Boston community.