School of Education

Since 1918, the School of Education at Boston University (BU-SED) has been dedicated to the preparation of outstanding educators. These educators are committed to serving our democratic society through the practice of education and also through the production of research that serves to refine that practice. In addition, BU-SED has a long history of providing useful services to our partners in education—within the University, in Boston and New England, and nationally and internationally. The translation of theory and research into practice and service is a defining characteristic of the School of Education and of Boston University.

Perhaps no other university in America has a stronger and more enduring involvement in education at all levels. In the past 25 years, Boston University has demonstrated a commitment to improving our urban schools, for example, by managing an entire urban school district under a contract with the School Committee of Chelsea, Massachusetts. Its continued involvement with the Boston Public Schools includes on-site partnerships with English High School and the Trotter Elementary School.

To support our mission, the School of Education recruits and supports faculty who know their disciplines, who have the research skills to identify, develop, and evaluate the best practices in education, and who have the interpersonal and communications skills to share their knowledge with our students, the future educators of the world. We make sure that our students have the opportunity to put their learning to work immediately, with clinical placements that start as soon as they enter the School. We also make sure that we recruit and retain the best and the brightest undergraduates—those in the top 10–15 percent of their high school classes—who want to be teachers and who will leave the School prepared to make change in their communities. For almost 100 years, we have been an international leader in the integration of teaching, research, and service.

With help from our robust alumni base and community partners, we look forward to achieving great things together for decades to come.

Campaign Priorities

Through The Campaign for the Boston University School of Education, we seek to first and foremost increase scholarship aid to support the recruitment of outstanding future educators, as well as create endowed professorships for our world-class faculty. We are also seeking endowment for the Journal of Education and financial support for our unique approach to situated learning (seen in our Early Childhood Lab, Mobile Lab, Durrell Reading and Writing Clinic, and the Trotter Professional Learning Collaborative). In addition, we aim to improve our facilities so they are both green and accessible.