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As we begin another academic year, I am proud to reflect on the latest good news from the College of Engineering. Here are a few highlights I am delighted to share… Read more.

The College of Engineering is transforming how engineers are educated, with the mission of graduating societal engineers: leaders of tomorrow who use their multidisciplinary engineering skills, business acumen, communication skills, and creativity to solve complex problems and to create a better, safer, healthier, and more sustainable world.

case_statement_coverHow do we do this? Our faculty’s approach embraces research and teaching as two sides of the same coin. As faculty members pursue innovation that will meet the engineering challenges of the coming decades, they simultaneously engage with students in an interdisciplinary approach to engineering education that looks outward to engage other professions and bring these innovations to society’s use.

Our approach works. Our marked increase in academic quality and reputation recently led U.S. News & World Report to raise the College’s ranking to #35, bringing BU into the top 20 percent of the nation’s engineering schools. Also, in fewer than 20 years, our doctoral programs advanced to the top of national ranks.

The College’s steepening trajectory is mirrored by the success of its faculty in winning competitive national and international honors, awards, grants, and fellowships for their research and teaching. As only one example, College of Engineering faculty researchers draw high levels of support from some of the nation’s leading funding agencies and organizations, including (among others) the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Cancer Institute.

With your support, we will accelerate this transformation, preparing engineers for careers that are continuously changing.

Impact in Action at ENG

From an early age, Andre Gonzaga (ENG’19) has always had an interest in computers. Now as a scholarship student at the Boston University College of Engineering he’s developing an algorithm that will help with the diagnoses of heart disease.

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Campaign Priorities

Conducting World-Changing Research

Through interdisciplinary work with researchers inside and outside the College, our faculty has built research strengths in several core areas, including Quality of Life & Living Systems, Energy & Sustainability, Micro- and Nano-systems, Advanced Materials, and Networks and Systems. To continue to push the boundaries of innovation, and bring life-changing innovations to fruition, we need your support.

Supporting Multidisciplinary Programs

Our students are ambitious and very bright. We love that, and we’re committed to providing them with multiple ways to challenge themselves. From a dual degree program that combines engineering and medicine, to paid research positions for undergrads in faculty laboratories, we offer our students extraordinary opportunities to enrich and expand their engineering education. To continue to develop these programs, and to create new ones, we need your support.