College of General Studies

The College of General Studies provides a unique intellectual environment that stresses both interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary learning and scholarship. Taught solely by full-time Boston University faculty, we offer a two-year, general education core curriculum taught through a system of team instruction, an approach that builds a very special and supportive relationship among students and faculty.

Our brand-new Center for Interdisciplinary Teaching & Learning (CITL) promotes excellence in undergraduate education by supporting undergraduate internships and research opportunities. It also offers graduate student and post-doctoral teacher training, program assessment, and various forums in which professors and administrators can explore ideas about interdisciplinary education.

Alumni, parents, and friends who donate to the College of General Studies enhance the interdisciplinary core curriculum and strong student-faculty relationships for which CGS is known. Thank you for doing your part in helping us educate and train the leaders of tomorrow.

Campaign Priorities

Support the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies

CITL draws on decades of successful interdisciplinary teaching. To ensure the continued growth and development of the Center, we seek to endow the CITL. We also seek to endow an International Conference for Interdisciplinary Teaching, the CITL Summer Institute, and the CITL online journal.

Support the faculty and students

CGS’s faculty and students are our greatest strength. We need additional funding to continue to attract the best and the brightest, and to offer endowed professorships, and scholarships. We need to endow the School’s deanship and create an endowed chair to honor excellence in teaching, plus additional funds to create a post-doctorate fellowship fund, name and endow a student undergraduate research program, support the James Wilcox Undergraduate Research Fund, endow the Capstone Awards Fund, and endow the E-Portfolio Awards Fund.

Improve the Center’s physical space

The intellectual environment of the CITL has outpaced its physical environment. We seek funds to name and endow the CITL building, as well as to renovate and improve the CITL suite, the  CITL E-Portfolio Technology Conference Room, the CITL Conference Room, and the CITL Faculty Resource Room.

Improve the College’s physical space

In order to provide the most productive and connected environment for faculty, students, and staff, we need to enhance and improve the College’s physical space. We seek funds for a CASE-style classroom, team lecture halls, the dean’s suite, classroom renovations, upgraded department and faculty suites, and the Capstone study rooms.