College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences



I’m now in my second year as dean of the College of Arts & Sciences, and I wonder: was there ever a faster-paced, higher-spirited, or more rewarding first year for any new dean? This wonderful College continues to amaze and inspire, and your impact—as donors to our Annual Fund—has been enormous. Read more.

As Boston University’s largest academic division, the College and Graduate School of Arts & Sciences forms the very heart of the BU experience. Almost a third of BU’s students are enrolled in CAS/GRS, and even those who aren’t experience the College through a wide range of liberal arts classes that are required of nearly all BU undergraduates.

Distinguished faculty, exemplary teaching, rigorous scholarship, and cutting-edge research assure an extraordinarily deep experience in the liberal arts, and an extraordinarily broad range of opportunities. At the same time, the College’s one-on-one mentoring of students creates a small-college experience at the core of a large and bustling research university.

Campaign priorities

As part of Boston University’s first-ever campaign, CAS has identified four main priorities that will help the College build upon its strong tradition of teaching and research, and enrich the student experience across the school.

Faculty support

We will hire and nurture the careers of faculty members who are world-class leaders in research and scholarship, teaching, and other professional pursuits. The quality and reputation of CAS and Boston University ultimately depend on the quality and reputation of our faculty.

Academic enhancement

We will work to create or support innovative opportunities for students and faculty at CAS. This includes renovations and facility upgrades, enhanced technology in the classroom, and a strong Annual Fund. Staying ahead of the curve and providing our students and faculty with the best equipment, materials, labs, and classrooms are top priorities for the College of Arts & Sciences.

Undergraduate support

We will provide outstanding undergraduate education based on the principles of liberal education and the liberal arts, encompassing both the curricular or “classroom” experience and the co-curricular, broader life experiences that contribute to student learning, development, and success.

Graduate support

We will promote pioneering research and scholarship and offer leading doctoral, post-doctoral, and master’s programs within and across traditional disciplinary boundaries. The presence of prominent graduate programs is a necessary condition for attracting the best scholars to a university, and first-class doctoral students are important for maintaining first-class research enterprises.