Campaign Volunteer Leadership

Campaign Chair

Kenneth Feld (SMG’70)

Campaign Co-Chairs

Robert Knox (CAS’74, GSM’75) & Alan Leventhal (Hon.’09)

Campaign Executive Committee

Richard Cohen (CGS’67, SMG’69)
Metro New York regional campaign chair
Shamim Dahod (CGS’76, CAS’78, MED’87)
School of Medicine campaign chair
Richard Godfrey (LAW’79)
School of Law campaign chair
SungEun Han-Andersen (CFA’85)
Campaign kickoff co-chair
College of Fine Arts campaign co-chair
Rajen Kilachand (GSM’74)
International campaign chair
Carla Meyer (SSW’78)
School of Social Work campaign co-chair
Peter Paul (GSM’71)
Allen Questrom (SMG’64)
Richard Shipley (SMG’68, GSM’72)
Campaign kickoff co-chair
School of Management campaign chair

Campaign Steering Committee

Alison Adler (SED’81)
School of Education campaign chair
William Bloom (CGS’82, SMG’84)
Athletics campaign co-chair
David Buttolph (CGS’77, CAS’79)
College of General Studies campaign co-chair
Sudha Chinta (SDM’09)
Goldman School of Dental Medicine
campaign chair

Cassandra Clay (SSW’79)
School of Social Work campaign co-chair
Roger Dorf (ENG’70)
College of Engineering campaign chair
Bonnie Feld (CAS’73)
College of Arts & Sciences campaign chair
Sidney Feltenstein (COM’62)
Southern regional campaign chair
Ellen Flannery (LAW’78)
Mid-Atlantic regional campaign chair
Edwin Fuller (SMG’68)
School of Hospitality Administration
campaign chair

Ryan Roth Gallo (LAW’99)
Northern California campaign regional co-chair
Andrew Lack (CFA’68)
College of Communication campaign chair
Stewart Lane (CFA’73)
College of Fine Arts campaign co-chair
Michael McCabe (MET’87)
Metropolitan College campaign chair
Therese Melden (SAR’81)
Sargent College campaign chair
J. Kenneth Menges (SMG’79)
Dallas–Fort Worth regional campaign chair
Kenneth Morrison (LAW’83)
Midwest regional campaign chair
Richard Reidy (SMG’82)
New England regional campaign chair
Jeannine Rivet (SPH’81)
School of Public Health campaign chair
Thomas Sears (STH’59)
School of Theology campaign chair
Edward Slatkin (SMG’77)
West Coast regional campaign chair
Robert Trump (DGE’68, CAS’70)
Athletics campaign co-chair