Board of Overseers

The Board of Overseers is an advisory body dedicated to supporting and advancing the mission of—and highest standards of excellence in—the University. Overseers act as informed advisors to the Trustees and administration on issues of strategic importance and serve as a University resource by volunteering leadership, expertise, and financial support to the areas of the University in which they serve. Overseers also act as ambassadors and promote the interests of the University worldwide.

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Members of the Board of Overseers

Warren J. Adelson (CAS’63, GRS’64)
Maureen Alphonse-Charles
James Apteker (SHA’88)
Merwyn Bagan (MED’62, SPH’95)
Steven R. Becker (LAW’76)
Gayle R. Berg (SAR’74)
William D. Bloom (CGS’82, SMG’84)
Thomas M. Bowers (CGS’84 SMG’86, LAW’91)
Fred A. Bronstein (CFA’78)
Robert J. Brown
Earle M. Chiles
Cassandra M. Clay (SSW’79)
Gerard H. Cohen (LAW’62)
Suzanne Cutler (SMG’61)
Shadi Daher (SDM’90,’94)
Maya Ezratti (COM’98)
Ahmass L. Fakahany (SMG’79)
Bruce J. Feirstein (COM’75)
Sidney J. Feltenstein (COM’62)
Sandra A. Frazier (COM’01)
Edwin D. Fuller (SMG’68)
Ryan K. Roth Gallo (LAW’99)
Kathleen L. Healy
David E. Hollowell (ENG’69, ENG’72, GSM’74)
Esther A. H. Hopkins (CAS’47)
Karen Elliott House
Christine S. Hunter (CAS’80, MED’80)
David R. Jones (CGS’84, SMG’86)
William Kamer (LAW’78)
Steve Karbank
Linda Sloane Kay (CGS’81, COM’83)
Elaine B. Kirshenbaum (CAS’71, SED’72, SPH’79)
William H. Kleh (LAW’71)
Leif C. Kvaal (UNI’94)
Stewart Lane
Ruth A. Moorman (CAS’88, SED’89, ’09)
Kenneth P. Morrison (LAW’83)
Rebecca Norlander
Sharon G. Ryan (SAR’70)
Marshall M. Sloane
Marcy Syms (COM’75)
Lucy Landesman Halperin Zaro (CGS’75, SMG’77)