Donald P. (DGE’48, Questrom’51) & Alberta V.N. Morrison

With the help of others

A couple, grateful for the financial aid they received, sets up a charitable gift annuity for BU scholarships.

Don Morrison knows a thing or two about survival. After serving in World War II—four years and five battles with the Marines—he knew what he needed to survive the next phase of his life: an education.

“My wife and I wouldn’t have been able to get an education without financial support,” says Don. His wife, Alberta, attended Forsyth with the help of a partial scholarship, and Don took advantage of the GI Bill to enroll at Boston University. While a student at the College of Business Administration (now the Questrom School of Business), he got a call from the BU Placement Department about a job opportunity.

“My career path went from office boy to vice president of industrial relations.” And Don’s survival skills were called upon once more. One of his responsibilities was to negotiate labor contracts with various unions—he recalls experiences from “the sublime to the ridiculous, violent strikes to complaints on the rough toilet paper.”

“I owe much of my success to the preparation I received from BU, and I am proud to be an alumnus,” says Don. “Alberta has her own BU roots, too.”

Alberta’s claim to BU? A course in marriage. “I didn’t learn much, I guess,” she says with a smile. “I still married him.”

After working for years to give back to their community—Don serving as first selectman, and both of them heavily involved in charitable work—the Morrisons decided it was time to give back to BU. In 1998, they created a charitable gift annuity at the University. Fittingly, the two former financial aid recipients designated the annuity to scholarships for BU students.

“As a couple, we have always been committed to giving back,” says Don. The reason is simple, and this consummate survivor knows it better than most: “Nobody makes a success of their life without the help of others.”