Elizabeth “Betsy” England (CAS’69)

Elizabeth England PhotoA Chance to Open BU’s Doors for Others

A new world opened up for Elizabeth “Betsy” England (CAS’69) when she transferred to Boston University from Washington University in St. Louis.

Coming to BU allowed Betsy to explore new interests by taking courses she had not previously had access to. “I had traveled to Europe with my mother,” she said, “and we saw works by Bernini in Rome. So I wanted to study Bernini and take courses in religion. At BU, I ended up with enough credits to earn a minor in religious studies.” BU helped to shape her view of the world and provided the skills that allowed her to emerge as a leader in her field.

A successful lawyer in San Francisco, Betsy wanted others to have access to the opportunities she had while studying at BU. She recalled a pivotal experience, shared with her husband, Bob MacIntosh, when they met the recipients of a scholarship Bob had established at his alma mater. Seeing the importance of his gift to the students inspired her. “I decided I wanted to have a positive impact on people’s lives, too,” she recalled.

After careful consideration, Betsy created a gift through her estate to fund scholarships at the College of Arts & Sciences. By including BU in her estate plans, Betsy maintains financial flexibility during her lifetime and fulfills her vision of assisting future BU students.