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Beyond Boston University

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Campaign events in BU communities across the globe

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Choose to be Great: An evening with Boston University

The campaign took to the road this winter, with Choose to be Great (CTBG) events in five cities:
Boston, New York, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and Washington, D.C.

CTBG Boston photo

Meghna Chakrabarti (Questrom’13), host of WBUR’s Radio Boston, opened the first CTBG event in Boston.

CTBG NY photo

President Brown with Stewart Lane (CFA’73) and wife
Bonnie Comley—nine-time Tony-Award-winning producers. Lane was a presenter at the NYC event.

President Brown CTBG photo

At each event, President Brown gave an update on the state of BU today…

Audience CTBG photo

…and took questions from the crowd.

CTBG LA photo

Actress and comedian Michaela Watkins (CFA’94) got serious at the LA event, which was hosted at CBS Studios by former CBS Entertainment chairman Nina Tassler (CFA’79).

CTBG DC photo

The events began and ended with receptions for networking and reunions with friends, as seen here at the Institute of Peace in D.C.

CTBG DC photo 2

NPR legal affairs correspondent Nina Totenberg (Hon.’11) at the gathering in D.C.

Sons of Serendip CTBG photo

Sons of Serendip—whose members are all BU alums—performed at all five events.

William Fairfield Warren Society medaling

The second induction of founding Fellows of the William Fairfield Warren Society was celebrated at Boston’s Liberty Hotel on December 9. The Warren Society was launched in April 2015 to honor donors—125 individuals and families to date—whose lifetime giving to BU totals $1 million or more.

WFW crowd photo

Allen Questrom (Questrom’64), Ahmass Fakahany (Questrom’79), Suzanne Cutler (Questrom’61), Trustee Chairman Robert Knox (CAS’74, Questrom’75), Sidney Feltenstein (COM’62), and Stephen Karp (CAS’63) enjoyed the reception before the medaling.

WFW Cohen medaling photo

Richard Cohen (CGS’67, Questrom’69) shook hands with President Brown after receiving his medal.

WFW Shong medaling photo

Hugo Shong (COM’87) was medaled by Robert Knox.

WFW fellows photo

Warren Society Fellows Marshall (Questrom’49) and
Barbara Sloane.

WFW toast photo

Warren Society Chairman Richard Shipley (Questrom’68,’72), Robert Knox, President Brown, and Campaign Chair Kenneth Feld (Questrom’70) toasted the Warren Society members.

WFW toast photo 2

Kenneth Slater, Provost Jean Morrison, Gayle Berg (SAR’74), and Timothy Mullen celebrated.


In January, University leaders visited Bangkok, Thailand, for three important events: the presentation of the first-ever International Alumni Statesman Award to His Excellency Pong Sarasin (Questrom’51); an elegant evening gathering hosted by Nishita Shah Federbush (CGS’00, Questrom’02) at her home; and a gala dinner to celebrate the strength of the Boston University Alumni Association in Thailand (BUAAT).

Sarasin family photo

BU leaders with the family of Pong Sarasin, seated at right.

BUAAT leadership photo

BU officials with the leaders of the BUAAT, including its president, Prasutr Thawornchaisit (SPH’91), far right.

BUAAT dinner photo

More than 100 guests attended the BUAAT dinner at Dusit Thani Bangkok hotel.

Federbush dinner photo

During the visit, BU leaders joined alumni for an intimate gathering at the home of Nishita Shah Federbush.

Federbush photo

President Brown with Shah Federbush…

Federbush guest photo

…and with guests (from left) Sara Lamsam (MET’95), Pornwut Sarasin (Questrom’82), and Kirit Shah.

Thailand guest photo

Many prominent alumni in Southeast Asia took part in the weekend’s festivities.


In March, top BU officials traveled to New Delhi and Bangalore, where the University’s International Advisory Board (IAB) met, and two distinguished alumni—Analjit Singh (Questrom’77,’79), in New Delhi, and S.D. “Shibu” Shibulal (MET’88), in Bangalore — hosted elegant, culture-based gatherings for alumni in the region.

S.D. Shibulal photo

At the IAB meeting in New Delhi, Shibulal spoke with Provost Morrison.

Analjit Singh photo

The IAB meeting gave Chairman Knox and President Brown the chance to present Singh with his William Fairfield Warren Society medal.

Taj West End photo

The elegant setting at Shibulal’s event, hosted at the Taj West End.

Ryan Roth Gallo photo

Trustee Ryan Roth Gallo (LAW’99) with two performers at the Taj West End.

Dean Kenneth Freeman photo

Shibulal greets Dean Kenneth Freeman and
Chairman Knox.

Pratt guest photo

Singh greets trustee Stuart Pratt (CAS’69) and his wife, Elizabeth.

Singh event photo

Singh and his wife, Neelu, opened their home to more than 150 guests.

Donors step in to rescue WTBU

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A three-alarm fire engulfed WTBU, BU’s student-run radio station, on the morning of March 25, sending three students, a firefighter, and two BU police officers to the hospital for smoke inhalation and causing an estimated $500,000 worth of damage to the facility. Believed to have been sparked by malfunctioning equipment in one of the station’s recording studios at the College of Communication, the blaze was quickly extinguished by Boston firefighters. WTBU has been off the air ever since.

Shortly after firefighters left the scene, a second team of rescuers leapt into action: concerned donors. Two unsolicited gifts came in that first day; and by the end of the following day, 19 donors had offered a total of $1,077 to the College of Communication to help in repairing the station. By April 5, the total had grown to $5,029 from 68 gifts. Then on Giving Day, BU’s annual 24-hour fundraising drive, an additional 181 donors gave $13,877.61, spurred by a $15,000 one-to-one matching gift from Colleen McCreary (COM’95), CEO of the consulting firm CCKPartners, and a heartfelt email appeal from long-time faculty sponsor Anne Donohue (COM’89), associate professor of journalism.

“The response has been unbelievable,” Donohue told BU Today. “We have had calls from alums offering to paint, clean, do anything they can to help rebuild. One guy made a $1,600 donation, and then apologized, saying it was too small, but he had been out of work for 10 months. It’s been very gratifying.”

The College of Communication is currently developing plans to rebuild the station, which has been named the national Station of the Year three years in a row by College Music Journal. In addition to replacing equipment, those plans potentially include building two glass-walled studios on the College’s main floor, where passers-by can watch as DJs broadcast.

Efforts to raise money for the station continue. On April 20, a benefit was held at POP Allston, and all proceeds from the College’s annual year-end COMapalooza celebration on the COM lawn went to WTBU. By May 3, 261 donors had contributed $33,558.61.

The response has made it clear that experiences at WTBU, which launched in 1965, are cherished by many alumni—and in some cases shaped their lives. “Since my first shift on-air in the basement of the Myles Annex in 1995, I fell in love with WTBU. The station and all the people there helped me find my voice in more ways than one,” Eric Rasmussen (COM’99) posted on Facebook after the fire, using the hashtag #WTBUmemories. “It was a launching pad for my career in TV news, but it also allowed me to pursue my passion as a hip-hop DJ—I’m still mixing, scratching, and blending 20 years later!”

And it’s not too late to make a difference! You can still make a contribution to the WTBU Fund.

New bequest for the study of modern Turkey

May 23rd, 2016 in Campaign Newsletter, Issue 7 1 comment

Photo caption: Louisa Campagna (Suzanne’s niece), Suzanne Campagna, and BU Provost Jean Morrison, April 2012, at the Campagna-Kerven Lecture on Modern Turkey.

It was Suzanne Campagna’s wish that Boston University join the ranks of the small handful of top-tier American universities specializing in the study of modern Turkey.

Now, through a generous bequest, Campagna—who died at age 97 in August of last year—has helped the University take a substantial step in this direction. In April, BU inaugurated the new Campagna-Kerven Fellowship for a doctoral student whose research and dissertation deal primarily with modern (post-Ottoman) Turkey. The gift is named for Campagna’s father, Mehmet Nahid Kerven (one of history’s renowned “Young Turks”) and her late husband, scholar Gerard Campagna (GRS’52), a leading expert on Turkish foreign policy.

The bequest was announced during the 21st annual Campagna-Kerven Lecture on Modern Turkey at the Pardee School, a series begun in 1996 that has helped anchor BU’s growing expertise in modern Turkey.


Gerard Campagna and Suzanne Kerven on their wedding day in Paris, 1945.

Augustus Richard Norton, professor of international relations and anthropology at the Pardee School, was Campagna’s friend and colleague, and recently reflected on her generous gift: “Madame Campagna, as she was often addressed, knew there were important centers of American scholarship focused on the Ottoman Empire. But she believed that modern Turkey was not nearly as well covered.” He added that Campagna, who was born in Turkey but schooled in Paris, wanted a focus on the Turkey that emerged at the end of the Ottoman Empire in the early 20th century. She had no ideological stance, Norton said, explaining that she had no intention of promoting a particular vision of Turkey, but rather, to give people the opportunity to learn about the country and its culture. She was a “remarkable intellectual,” he noted, who was actively involved with the League of Women Voters and in promoting improvements in primary education.

The new fellowship, not yet awarded, joins BU’s growing portfolio of Turkish-oriented academic resources, including its Turkish language program—begun in the late 1990s—its anthropological studies of Turkey, and its study-abroad program in Turkey.

Honoring your generosity

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BU appreciates gifts of all sizes. Here we honor those who made commitments of $100,000 or more to the campaign between our last newsletter and April 21, 2016. To see a list of all donors of $10,000 or more to the campaign, visit our donor rosters.



John H. (STH’50,’56) and Dolly D. Adams
Anthony J. (Questrom’86) and Allison A. (COM’86) Allott
Lawrence Barki (Questrom’93) and Noni Q. Gelael (Questrom’93)
Richard M. Belanger (LAW’75) and Candice Evans
Robert P. and Cynthia K. Birmingham
Jose A. Blanco
Joseph D. (Questrom’83) and Sarah M. Burke
Suzanne Campagna
David J. and Susan M. Caron
Gerard H. (LAW’62) and Sherryl W. (GRS’60) Cohen
Janis B. Cook (SED’62)
Barbara B. (LAW’69) and Christopher D. Creed
The Estate of Samuel M. Cummins
Peter C. (Questrom’85) and Mary Diotte
The Estate of Ralph Edwards (MED’52)
Frederick B. (CAS’65) and Marie A. Fitts
Hup Fong (Questrom’67) and Magdalena A. Tung
Michael D. Fricklas (LAW’84) and Donna J. Astion (SAR’82)
Edwin D. (Questrom’68) and Michela Fuller
Alan M. (Questrom’79) and Nancy L. Gittelson
Frederick A. Godley (MED’83) and Kathleen Carney-Godley
E. James and Kara V. Gruver


Arthur H. Haake
Eugene J. Haley
David E. (ENG’69,’72, Questrom’74)
and Kathleen A. (GRS’71, SED’77) Hollowell
Christine S. Hunter (MED’80, CAS’80)
Michael R. Ippolito (CGS’84, Questrom’86)
Elisabeth M. Kenosian (DGE’49, CAS’51, GRS’52)
David F. Kiersznowski (ENG’85) and Demi D. Lloyd
William H. (LAW’71) and Patricia M. Kleh
Laura J. Laing (SAR’50)
The Estate of George A. Lamoureux (Questrom’67)
Paul A. Levine (MED’68, CAS’68)
John A. (ENG’66) and Young O. Maccarone
Timothy N. (MET’97) and Lisa E. Manning
Molly McCombe (Questrom’87) and T.J. Callahan
Allen J. (GRS’63, STH’63) and Mary E. Moore
Ruth A. Moorman (CAS’88, SED’89, SED’09)
and Sheldon N. Simon
Mario R. and Nancy Nicosia
Carl A. (MED’63) and Mary D. Olsson
Uday N. Reebye (GSDM’98)


Larry S. (CAS’74) and Nancy J. Sanitsky
Ira L. and Florence Seldin
Richard C. Shipley (Questrom’68,’72)
Thomas R. (LAW’70) and Sharon L. Smith
Jack N. Spivack
Michael R. (CAS’68, STH’71,’90)
and Margaret A. (STH’70) Stotts
Louis W. (MED’58) and Eva G. Sullivan
Nancy L. Trentini
Amy (Questrom’71) and Richard F. Wallman
Glenn H. and Christine Weissman
Mary L. Wolff (LAW’75)
Sam S. Wu (CAS’87, GRS’90, MED’92, SPH’92)
and Patricia C. Tsang (MED’92, CAS’92, GRS’92)
Jordan Zimmerman
Andrew A. and Carol C. Ziskind

Corporations, foundations, and organizations


Advanced Energy Consortium
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Alpha-1 Foundation
Alzheimer’s Association
Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation
American Association for Advancement of Science
American College of Rheumatology Research
and Education Foundation
American Diabetes Association
American Egg Board
American Heart Association
American Parkinson Disease Association
America’s Promise Alliance
Argus Software Inc.
Atlantic Philanthropies Inc.
Bayer Pharma AG
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Foundation
Boston University Alumni Association Korea
BrightFocus Foundation
Brocade Communications Systems, Inc.
Charles H. Hood Foundation
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Citigroup Inc.
Concussion Legacy Foundation
Craig H. Neilsen Foundation
Crown Family Foundation
Cure Alzheimer’s Fund
David & Lucille Packard Foundation
Edward N. & Della L. Thome Memorial Foundation
The Ellison Foundation
ELMA Foundation
Elsa U. Pardee Foundation
Evans Medical Foundation, Inc.
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Genentech Inc.
Gerry Charitable Trust
Gilead Sciences
Global Health Through Education, Training and Service
Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation


Haier Electrical Appliance Co.
Harrington Discovery Institute
The Hartwell Foundation
The Heising-Simons Foundation
Henry Luce Foundation Inc.
Intel Corporation
John Templeton Foundation
JPB Foundation
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
The Keith and Cecilia Terasaki Family Foundation
Lentigen Technology Inc.
Leona M. and Harry B. Helmsley Charitable Trust
Leukemia Research Foundation
L’Oreal USA
Lungevity Foundation
Mass Lions Eye Research Fund
Massachusetts Neuroscience Consortium
McNeil Consumer Pharmaceuticals
Melanoma Research Foundation
Merck & Co.
Merck, Sharp & Dohme Corp.
Muscular Dystrophy Association
Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
One Step Forward Education Foundation
Osram Sylvania Inc.
Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Pfizer Inc.
Pharmaxis Ltd
Philips Healthcare
Red Hat, Inc.
RespiVert Ltd.
Reva and David Logan Foundation
Richard & Susan Smith Family Foundation
Riksbankens Jubileumsfond
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Rockefeller Brothers Fund Inc.
Rx Foundation


Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
The Samueli Foundation
Sandoz International GmgH
Searle Scholars Program
Simons Foundation
St. Baldrick’s Foundation
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
Tarix Orphan, LLC
Tivorsan Pharmaceuticals
Two Sigma Investments, LLC.
Verisk Health, Inc.
W K Kellogg Foundation
W. M. Keck Foundation
Wellspring Advisors
Wildflower Foundation
Zoetis, Inc.

Scholarship voices 2016

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With BU’s 2016 Commencement already a memory, we offer a sampling of the voices of some of our scholarship recipients—students whose lives were quite literally changed by the generosity of our donors. Scholarship support remains a top priority of the BU campaign, and its benefits were abundantly clear for recipients.

Kym Irizarry (CGS’17)
“I got a very good scholarship package, and I’m grateful that someone actually thought I was worth it. It makes me even more motivated, because I want to show them that I am worth it… I want to thank them with my future.”

Fiona Kearns (CFA’17)
“I’m doing a design production degree…all aspects, both creative and functional. Honestly, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my scholarship! I have four younger siblings at home, so without the scholarship…it’s a gift I’m grateful for all the time.”

Sreeram Mullankandy (Questrom’16)
“The difference that you [the donor] make is huge, and I hope that I can do justice to the opportunity you’ve given to me, by not ‘stopping’ at a job, but by making a mark that will make BU proud.”

Nitasha Khetarpal (Questrom’16)
“I’m so grateful to Questrom donors for their commitment and confidence in us as the leaders of tomorrow. I sincerely thank them for their kindness and generosity.”

Campaign news shorts

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A university on the rise

BU 32nd-best global university

In the latest U.S. News & World Report rankings, BU placed 32nd among the 500 best “global universities.” These rankings are based on a dozen factors that consider the schools’ academic research performance and global and regional reputations.

Graduate and professional schools rank among the best

BU’s graduate and professional schools also made a great showing in the U.S. News rankings in the spring of 2016. The BU School of Law is presently ranked 20th in the U.S., while the magazine deems MED the 29th best medical school in the nation for research; it was the school’s highest grade ever in that category.

The Sargent College occupational therapy master’s and doctoral programs scored best in the country; the last ranking for such programs, in 2012, placed the occupational therapy programs second. SAR’s physical therapy master’s/doctoral program ranked 14th (up two spots from 2012), and its master’s program in speech-language pathology ranked 12th (a big jump up from 21st).

The School of Social Work’s master’s program ranked 12th, up four spots from 2012. The College of Engineering has earned its highest ranking, placing 35th among its peer American schools. And the School of Public Health is currently ranked 10th.

Admissions increasingly competitive

A strategic effort to raise the bar for admission to the University is yielding greater numbers of applicants to the freshman class and increasingly selective admissions. This year, for example, BU saw a record 57,433 students apply to the Class of 2020, as well as a 108 percent increase over last year in students applying for early decision.

A new theatre on the Charles River Campus

Construction on the new Boston University Theatre Center will soon begin next to 808 Commonwealth Avenue, across from the main CFA building. The center promises great things for the entire BU community, most notably a cohesive theatre presence at the heart of the Charles River Campus. Set to open in the fall of 2017, this complex will feature a flexible, state-of-the-art theatre and a complete design and production facility.

Giving Day breaks records

In April, Boston University’s third annual Giving Day made history as BU’s most successful day of fundraising ever. The 24-hour event, which encourages donors to support causes across campus through the Annual Fund, brought in over $1.5 million with more than 11,000 gifts from alumni, parents, students, faculty, staff, and friends. Donors representing 44 countries supported more than 200 funds. Athletics had a particularly strong showing, receiving more than 5,000 gifts totaling over $500,000.

Generosity for athletics boosts on-field successes

May 23rd, 2016 in Campaign Newsletter, Issue 7 1 comment

BU’s varsity teams are on a hot streak. Women’s soccer has won three straight Patriot League titles and field hockey two. Men’s lacrosse—just three seasons into competition—ranked as high as 16th in the US this year. And women’s golf, which took the 2015 league team title, saw star Adela Cejnarova (CAS’17) capture a second-straight individual title this spring.

An important subplot in this success story, says BU Athletics Director Drew Marrochello, is the role donors have played in supporting BU’s young athletes. “We know it takes more than a financial investment to produce champions,” he says. “But across many of our programs, we’re witnessing what philanthropy can make possible.”

A landmark campaign moment was the 2013 opening of New Balance Field, made possible by a $3 million pledge from the shoe manufacturer and gifts from a half-dozen alumni. Many other contributions have boosted BU’s 24 athletics programs. Both men’s lacrosse and women’s golf recently moved into new locker rooms, renovated with donor support. These professional-level spaces are major points of pride in recruiting and have set a high bar for other athletics facilities.

“We know it takes more than a financial investment to produce champions. But across many of our programs, we’re witnessing what philanthropy can make possible.” —Drew Marrochello

Marrochello also points out the critical importance of scholarships for student-athletes. “These young athletes face many challenges in balancing competition, scholarship, and service,” he says. “Scholarships—including those for summer study—help our students succeed in all aspects of their BU experience.” Today, BU’s varsity athletes are doing as well in the classroom as they are in competition: For the third straight year, they achieved a graduation success rate of 95 percent, with 11 teams recording 100 percent. To date, campaign donors have created 36 scholarships for student-athletes; Marrochello hopes this number will rise to 50 by the campaign’s end.

“Investments like these signal to our student-athletes that we take them and their pursuits seriously,” he added. “Donor support reminds them that they have a special place within the greater BU community.”

Class gift hits the heights!

May 23rd, 2016 in Campaign Newsletter, Issue 7 4 comments

As of graduation day, May 15, the Class of 2016 had broken the Class Gift record for number of donors, with that number reaching 2,705, a full 16 percent increase over last year’s class at Commencement. The total amount raised was more than $95,000 for 169 funds at BU.

So how did they do it?

According to Class Gift campaign co-chairs Monica Meiterman-Rodriguez (CGS’14, COM’16; left photo) and Juliana Zeta Villanueva Freeman (CAS’16; right photo), the first step was convincing classmates that the Class Gift is the starting point for creating a philanthropic relationship with BU and a strong link to the University after graduation. And the second step was challenging students to honor a meaningful experience. Said Meiterman-Rodriguez: “We wanted our classmates to think about giving a gift, no matter how much, to a fund or group that helped them grow at BU, as a way of reminding them of the influence those groups had on their lives.”

“We wanted our classmates to think about giving a gift, no matter how much, to a fund or group that helped them grow at BU, as a way of reminding them of the influence those groups had on their lives.” —Monica Meiterman-Rodriguez

They also wanted to make sure their peers understood the impact of the Class Gift. “I think it instills a sense of appreciation for what they experienced and leads to a greater inclination to support the University in the future,” said Freeman.

Class Gift leaders organized their campaign strategically by forming committees for specific tasks: for fundraising events, social media outreach, marketing, and personal appeals. “Essentially, we tried to keep students constantly aware and interested in the mission,” Meiterman-Rodriguez said.

It worked! In the end, said the co-chairs, it was as much about what the seniors were grateful for and wanted to honor as it was about raising money. And judging by this year’s success, Class of 2016 members are already showing promise as tomorrow’s BU philanthropists.

From the Campaign Chairman

May 23rd, 2016 in Campaign Newsletter, Issue 7 0 comments

Feld photoDear friend of Boston University,

These are momentous times in the life of The Campaign for Boston University.

As you’ve heard, in mid-April the campaign officially passed the billion-dollar milestone.

No, our work is not done—in fact, far from it! Last fall, the BU board of trustees voted to raise the campaign goal to $1.5 billion, and to extend its timeline to 2019. But we can all be proud of hitting our original target more than a year ahead of time.

We can also be proud of our BU students, who reached a major milestone of their own. At our kick-off celebration in 2012, student leaders announced that as their contribution to the campaign, BU students would perform a million hours of community service. When these recorded hours were totaled, Dean of Students Kenn Elmore announced that the million-hour threshold had been reached and surpassed.

And there’s other good news, some of which you’ll read here. Included is the news of Richard Shipley’s continued generosity and service to BU, most recently marked by a wonderful gift to the School of Medicine that will create the nation’s first dedicated center for prostate cancer research—a welcome and much-needed resource.

I think that this gift and many others embody both passion and insight. They reflect a personal commitment to a cause and an understanding of how to advance that cause. To all of you who have contributed to the campaign to date, thank you for your passion and insight!


Kenneth J. Feld (Questrom’70)
Chairman and CEO, FELD Entertainment, Inc.
Trustee, Boston University

A million…a billion…and counting!

May 23rd, 2016 in Campaign Newsletter, Issue 7 0 comments

Campaign passes two major milestones

The Campaign for Boston University passed its original goal of $1 billion in April, more than a year ahead of schedule, while students wrapped up the million hours of community service they pledged when the campaign launched in September 2012. At a trustees dinner on April 14 at the Museum of Fine Arts, President Robert A. Brown already had his eye on the expanded fundraising goal of $1.5 billion that the board of trustees approved last fall.

“We have the momentum,” said Brown. “The ship is leaving, the bus is leaving, the train, whatever piece of transportation you like. What the campaign extension does is give the rest of our alumni and friends the chance to get on the vehicle. And I think it’s going to be a wonderful ride over the next couple of years.”

The campaign’s accomplishments so far include the founding of the Pardee School of Global Studies and Kilachand Honors College and the endowment of the Questrom School of Business. The campaign has funded 66 new professorships and 241 new scholarship and fellowship funds, and has changed the campus landscape with the construction of the Yawkey Center for Student Services, the Sumner M. Redstone Building at the School of Law, the Engineering Product Innovation Center, and on the Medical Campus, the Medical Student Residence.

Brown emphasized the broad-based nature of the campaign. “The most impressive statistic about the campaign to me personally is that already in the campaign we have 117,000 donors,” Brown told the trustees, joking that such a large number would have seemed like a hallucination when the campaign began.

Twelve percent of the money raised has come from 105 other countries, while close to home, BU faculty and employees have contributed more than $28 million. Together, the University trustees—who responded to Brown’s announcement with a standing ovation—have contributed over $210 million. “It’s a campaign of all of us,” Brown said. “This is eloquent testimony to the generosity and commitment of the Boston University family, both here and around the world.”

“It’s a campaign of all of us. This is eloquent testimony to the generosity and commitment of the Boston University family, both here and around the world.” —President Robert A. Brown

“We’ve seen that our strength lies in our diversity—donors making gifts of all sizes, representing dozens of countries, and supporting countless different causes on campus,” said Campaign Chair Kenneth J. Feld (Questrom’70).

“This effort is bringing out the best in people, and really reinforcing the principles that make BU extraordinary in the first place.”

Students celebrated their 1,017,861 hours of service the next afternoon with a giant cake at the George Sherman Union. The volunteering drive was conceived by the student government in 2012 as a way to contribute to the campaign.

“It is a remarkable contribution, and shows how the campaign has permeated our student body,” Brown said.

Students pushed past the million-hour goal with the annual Global Days of Service and Alternative Service Breaks programs, logging their hours at

“We’re committed to making BU and Boston a better place,” said Andrew Cho (CAS’16), Student Government president, “and we’ll continue to invest our time.”