Dept of Pharmacology & Experimental Therapeutics PhD Student Seminar Series

Progress Report Seminar: “Exploring Muscle Weakness, Myogenesis,and Fibrosis in Muscular Dystrophy with Modulation of the TGF-β Pathway,” featuring Michael St. Andre, Ph.D. Candidate. Advisor: Mahasweta Girgenrath, Ph.D.Ph.D. Student Seminar: “G-protein pathway suppressor 2 (GPS2) Mediates an Adaptive Stress Response to Metabolic Dysfunction,” featuring Justin English, Ph.D. Candidate. Advisor: Valentina Perissi, Ph.D.

When 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm on Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Location Keefer Auditorium, E-111
Contact Name Sara Johnson