The Transnational Life of Reformed Presbyterianism in Chinamerica

CURA Colloquium The fundamentalist, especially Pentecostal, forms of Christianity has been perceived to be the dominant forms of Protestantism in China, and therefore has received most scholarly attention from the West. The newer Calvinist and Reformed wing of China’s urban churches has only been slightly covered by some sinologists or theologians. Based on ethnographic study of reformed Presbyterian churches among ethnic Chinese in America and urban unregistered churches in China, Xue's paper sheds light on this substantive area from a social scientific perspective. In order to gain a more encompassing picture of the developing reformed Presbyterianism in China, this paper traces transnational of life of one particular type of Presbyterianism anchored in but transcending China and America through Actor-Network Theory (ANT). Email for the paper in advance.

When 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm on Friday, November 17, 2017
Building 10 Lenox St.
Contact Name Arlene Brennan
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Speakers Yongguang "Max" Xue, School of Theology