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Faculty & Staff:

Charles DeLisi, Ph.D.: web page
Director, Biomolecular Systems Laboratory
Arthur G.B. Metcalf Professor of Science & Engineering

Caroline Lyman: email
Administrative Director

Minoru Kanehisa, Ph.D.
Visting Professor

Avi Spira, M.D.: email
Instructor, Bioinformatics, Senior Fellow in Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
BU School of Medicine

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Post-Doctoral Researchers:

Zhenjun Hu, Ph.D., Research Associate email 
Rostem Irani, Ph.D., Research Assistant / Professor email

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Julie Graham, Bioinformatics email  
Adam Gustafson, Bioinformatics email  
Dustin Holloway, Biology email 
Gul Kirca, Biology email 
Bolan Linghu, Bioinformatics email 
Timothy Reddy, Bioinformatics email 
Evan Snitkin, Bioinformatics email  
Yaoyu Wang, Bioinformatics email 

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Bachelors Graduates & Candidates

Abraham Anderson, 1998
Senior Project: 3-D Visualization of Protein Structure / Diversa Corporation

Daniel Beard, 1993
Senior Project: Dynamix Modeling of Ion Flux Across Membrane-Spanning Protein Channels

Gregory Boulet, candidate

Fonda Chen, 2001
Senior Project: Using Free Energy Function to Distinguish Native Protein Structures from Misfolded Models

Jean Cheng, 1992
Senior Project: Conformational Analysis of Antigenic Fragments

Alexander K. Chung, 1995
Senior Project: The Tolerance of Proteins to Amino Acid Substitutions

Steve Comeau, 2001
Senior Project: Testing a Multiple Model Technique for Homology Modeling of Proteins

Sandip Dalal, 1996
Senior Project: Using Computational Analysis to Design a Stable Streptavidin Monomer

Natalie Duante, 2001
Senior Project: Identification of Membrane Spanning Proteins

Kevin Galinsky, candidate: email
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Max Harvey, 2005

Chang Jin Hur, 1992
Senior Project: Prediction of the Binding Site Structure in MHC by Homologous Extension

Ajit Janardhan, 1995
Senior Project: Stabilization of the Dimeric Streptavidin Through Residue Mutations

Benjamin King, 1994
Senior Project: A Modified Computational Approach to Molecular Docking: Application to HIV-1 Protease Inhibitor

Hoong-Loon Lim, 1992
Senior Project: Flexibility of the Polypeptide Chain

Linda Mark, 1994
Senior Project: Conformational Distribution of Medium-Size Polypeptides

Christina Mazzoni, 1995
Senior Project: Redesign of the Streptavidin-Biotin Complex

Demetri Moustakis, 1998
Senior Project: MHC Structure

Mark Riedereri, 1997
Senior Project: Determining Residue Dependencies in Peptide Binding Affinities to MHC Molecules.

Frank Salamone, 1994
Senior Project: The Effect of Mutations on the Energetic Stability of the Streptavidin Tetramer

Harsha Sathyendra, 2001
Senior Project: Binding Affinity of the Destabilization of Transthyretin and its Mutants in its Insoluble Fiber Formation

Benjamin Sullivan, 1997
Senior Project: Nonameric HIV and Influenza Clas I MHC Peptide Binding Free Energy Determination

Anthony Tanella, email
Mechanical Engineering

Albert Wang, 1994
Senior Project: Predicting the Structure of Class I MHC Complexes

Frank Wong, 1996
Senior Project: Computational Determination of Free Energy Changes Associated with Amino Acid Substitutions

Tse-Kuan Yu, 1992
Senior Project: Prediction of Antigenic Fragments of Proteins from Sequence Data

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Masters Graduates

Kristen Chambers, 1992: email   web page
Director, Bioinformatics at Dartmouth Medical School

Rakesh Chettier, 2002: web page
Prolexys Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Maureen Colbert, 1993: email  
Genetics Institute

Tanya Fredreick, 1997

Marianne Gex-Fabry, 1983
University of Geneva Hospital

Benjamin King, 1996
Jackson Labs

Guolong Lin, 2000

Michael Silverman, 1994

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Ph.D. Graduates

Louboumir Citkusev, Ph.D., 1996: web page
Associate Professor/Chair, Department of Computer Science, MET College, Boston University

Rhonda Harrison, Ph.D., 2003: email   web page
Department of Genetics, Harvard University

Roy Kimura, Ph.D., 2000
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Joe Mellor, Ph.D., 2007
Department of Genetics, Harvard University

Mohsin Saleet Jafri, Ph.D.
Geroge Mason University - School of Computational Sciences

Ugur Sezerman, Ph.D., 1994: email  
Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey

Boris Shakhnovich, Ph.D., 2004: email  
Department of Biology, Harvard University

George Vasmatzis, Ph.D., 1994: email   web page
Mayo Clinic

Zhiping Weng, Ph.D., 1997: email   web page
Associate Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University

Jie Wu, Ph.D., 2006: e-mail
Computational Scientist, 400 Technology Square, Cambridge, MA

Itai Yanai, Ph.D., 2002: web page
Harvard Biological Laboratories

Chao Zheng, Ph.D., 1997

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Post-Doctoral Fellows

Djamal Bouzida, Ph.D., 1992-1994
Pfizer Global Research and Development

Carlos Camacho, Ph.D., 1997-present
University of Pittsburgh

Ruth Chabay, Ph.D., 1978-1980
North Carolina State University - Physics Department

David Covell, Ph.D., 1983-1984
National Cancer Insitute - Frederick

Peter Greif, M.D., 1983-1984

Kamalakar Gulukota, M.D., Ph.D., 1995-1998
Matrix Laboratories LTD

Jacques Hiernaux, Ph.D., 1978-1980
Universite Libra de Bruxelles

Hanah Margalit, Ph.D., 1985-1987
Hebrew University, Department of Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology

Matthew Pincus, M.D., Ph.D., 1978-1979
Professor, College of Medicine SUNY HSCB - Pathology Department

Rakefet Rosenfeld, Ph.D., 1991-1994
Vice President, Glycodata, Israel

Avrum Spira, M.D.
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Bioinformatics, Pulmonomics Lab, Boston University Medical Center
Bioinformatics Program, Boston University

John Spouge, M.D., Ph.D., 1985-1987
NCBI, NLM, NIH - Computational Biology Branch

Ajit Thakur, Ph.D., 1975-1977
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Qiang Zheng, Ph.D., 1990-1993

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Former Research Scientists

Jay Banks, Ph.D., 1990-1992: email  
Assistant Professor

Richard Brower, Ph.D., 1990-1995: email   web page
Guest Professor, Professor of Electrical Computer Engineering, Boston University

Carlos Camacho, Ph.D., 1995-1999: web page
Senior Research Fellow, University of Pittsburgh

James Cornette, Ph.D., 1990-1995: email   web page
Visiting Professor, University Professor, Emeritus of Mathematics, Iowa State

Jean Garnier, Ph.D.
INRA, France

Zvi Grossman, Ph.D.
Tel Aviv University, Israel - Physiology-Pharmacology Department

Herbert Hethcote, Ph.D.
University of Iowa - Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences

Federico Marchetti, Ph.D.
Institute of Child Health, Burlo Garofolo, University of Triste

Ruth Nussinov, Ph.D.
Sackler Institute of Molecular Medicine, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Aldo Rescigno, Ph.D.
Professor, UMN Twin Cities, College of Pharmacy

Sandor Vajda, Ph.D. 1987-1995: email   web page
Professor, Department of Biomedical Engineering, Boston University

Frederik W. Wiegle, Ph.D, 1980
Department of Applied Physics, Twente University of Technology, The Netherlands

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