Developing Skills of Practitioners

Training Videos and Facilitator Guide on Six Important Topics

Working with Older Adults Video Series:

This collection of short videos addresses significant topic areas around working with older adults. The goal of the videos is to provide a tool for continuing education in geriatric care. The content addresses core competencies that can be applied across a range of practice settings. The training videos are designed for in-person delivery and to be complementary with on-the-job training. The complete training program includes six videos, with two vignettes each (approximately 10 minutes for each topic area or 60 minutes total), and a Facilitator Guide. Each video addresses a significant topic area regarding geriatric care and demonstrates weak and strong practice skills with the same characters and care issues.

Topics covered in the six videos include:

  • “Working with Older Adults
  • “Working with Informal Caregivers and Families”;
  • “Legal and Ethical Practice”;
  • “Geriatric Assessment”;
  • “Culturally Appropriate Practice”; and
  • “End of Life Care.”

The Facilitator Guide links the practice skills demonstrated in the videos and relevant competencies. In addition, discussion questions and sample exercises are provided for optional use in training sessions.

Working with Older Adults Video Series Flyer

Working with Older Adults Video Series Brochure