Curriculum Team

CADER’s online courses are designed to maximize the development of practice-relevant knowledge and skills of social service practitioners. Courses are competency-based and use content developed by both academics and experienced practitioners. For each course, we create an advisory committee consisting of key stakeholders in the target community and experts in this field who will provide feedback and content revisions during all phases of the content development. All of CADER’s courses follow a conceptual model that utilizes best practices in adult and online learning. We believe that adult learners learn best when training is interactive and participatory, involves feedback, mentoring, role playing, and incorporates specific elements that foster changes in attitudes, cognition, and behavior. These features have been incorporated into all of CADER’s online courses. CADER’s online courses go through a rigorous development process of matching content and design to adult learning theory, course testing and evaluation, and revision and improvement based on field-testing. The team includes:

  • Key community stakeholders and subject matter experts
  • Joan Ead, ALM, who is a writer and content researcher for CADER with years of experience creating skills-based curriculum for practitioners who work with older adults and people with disabilities. Ms. Ead’s expertise is in approaching content from a scientific and analytical perspective in the social sciences field. She has vast experience through her previous work at the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission in the Social Security Disability Unit working with interprofessional teams and serving as a disability adjudicator. Ead also worked for many years with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Social Security Administration analyzing and evaluating medical and legal regulations as they pertained to disability laws.
  • CADER staff: Bronwyn Keefe, Kathy Kuhn, and Amelia Paini
  • Instructional and media designers