The Center for Aging & Disability Education & Research (CADER) is dedicated to strengthening the workforce that provides health and long-term supports and services to older adults and people with disabilities.

The rapid aging of the population and a changing health and long-term services and support landscape demand that organizations in the aging and disability field provide integrated, interdisciplinary, and person-centered care. CADER is a national leader in helping organizations and workers meet this challenge. We offer comprehensive, validated, and skill-based online training available through individual courses and certificate programs for individuals or organizations. We employ multiple approaches to assess skill gains and training effectiveness, and provide end-to-end program management and customer support.  Located at Boston University School of Social Work, CADER builds upon the School’s historical commitment to the aging and disability fields and current strength in teaching, research, and training.


CADER was originally funded by The Atlantic Philanthropies (AP) with a goal to prepare the social services workforce for an aging society. An initial grant provided by AP established CADER in 2002. The financial support of AP continued with a 5-year grant in 2008. This funding helped strengthen and sustain CADER’s leadership in developing innovative online educational programs in aging that are the cornerstone of its workforce projects.