Account Issues

I forgot my BU login name and password?

Your BU login name is always an e-mail address. If you cannot remember which e-mail account you used, our staff can provide you with that information.

CADER staff does not have access to passwords. Participants who forget their password will be asked to reset a password by going to

When I log in, I get a message that says “Invalid Login.” What do I do?

Both BU login name and password are case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as you entered them into the registration form. If you are not sure whether you have the correct BU login name and password, please see the question above.

When I log in, I get a message that says “You are not currently enrolled in any courses that start after today.” What do I do?

If you are receiving this message, you are currently logged into the enrollment page, and not the online course system. When you are ready to access your online course or program, please go to the CADER Website and click on Access Your Courses.

I work at an organization that purchased courses for me. Do I still have to register and pay?.

If your employer has purchased a course or Certificate Program for you, you will be given a discount code. You still must create an account and select your program to access your coursework.

Please refer to your designated training portal for customized instructions. If you need assistance with accessing your designated training portal, please contact your training lead or