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The Learning Edge Winter 2017

Investment in Workforce Training Strengthens Interdisciplinary Patient-Centered Care

The valuable role that skilled supports and services workers play in healthcare delivery is confirmed once again by results of a just-completed two-year study showing that interdisciplinary person-centered care and positive patient outcomes can be strengthened by effective workforce training….Read More

The Learning Edge Fall 2016

Senior Centers Can Be Gateway to Mental Health Care

It’s been four years since the Institute of Medicine reported a crisis in mental health care for older Americans, calling for more trained workers and better access to care. Yet many older adults with mental health concerns still do not have the help they need. Access and workers trained in mental health and aging remain among the most pressing needs for local aging-services agencies….Read More

The Learning Edge Summer 2016

CADER’S Online Care Management Certificate Program is Working for AAAs Across the State of New York

When the New York State Office for the Aging and the Association on Aging New York sought proven, standardized online training and certification for case managers in Area Agencies on Aging and member agencies across the state, they turned to CADER and its Care Management Certificate Program. Now, more than 300 of these workers are about to complete the cost-effective, comprehensive program, with 400 more scheduled to be trained and certified in the upcoming year….. Read more

The Learning Edge Winter 2016

CADER–Massachusetts General Hospital Partnership Will Evaluate Acute Community Care

Five years after passage of the Affordable Care Act, studies show substantial gains in coverage, quality, and cost control. That’s all good. But we who work in aging and disability know that longstanding and new challenges—from population pressures to rising costs of pharmaceuticals—mean we must redouble our efforts if we are to sustain and increase these gains. Here at CADER we are pleased to be joining in partnership with Massachusetts General Hospital to conduct a new study funded by PCORI, the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute. PCORI is at the center of the Affordable Care Act’s initiative to improve care and lower costs through research on effectiveness of treatments and care-delivery systems.Read more…

The Learning Edge Fall 2015

CADER Trains Practitioners to Address Mental Health Concerns and Strengths

In 2012 and 2014, we created two CADER online courses to teach health and social service practitioners the skills they need to address mental health issues of the older adult immigrants they increasingly encounter in their work. The courses, now in use across the aging network and beyond, have proved to be very effective. As a community-health outreach worker said after taking the courses, “I meet a lot of people in this context in my clinic. Now I have the tools to support them.” Read more

The Learning Edge Summer 2015

When It Comes to Managing and Retaining Direct-Care Workers, Common Sense Is Uncommon

Those of us who work and study in the field of aging are not surprised by the growing demand for workers to care or burgeoning numbers of older Americans. But I am surprised by our continuing trouble finding and then keeping the kinds of workers who provide caring, compassionate, quality care for older adults…. Read more

The Learning Edge Spring 2015

Care Management Certificate Program Prepares Service Providers for Complex Emerging System

With the expansion of the healthcare system through the Affordable Care Act and the focus on integrated, holistic, person-centered care as a means to improve quality, it is essential that the health and long-term care workforce be adequately trained in care coordination. Care coordination/care management brings together clinical, personal, and acute care along with long-term services and supports in various settings. Looking ahead, care coordination will be an increasingly important component of care models for older adults and people with disabilities.

To address these developments, CADER created its Care Management Certificate Program, a set of online, self-paced courses for health and social service providers. Read what program participants say about the program.

The Learning Edge Winter 2015

Senior Centers Can Be Gateways to Mental Health Services for Older Adults

Among the highest priorities of the New Year for many aging services organizations is mental health. The number of older adults with mental health concerns has increased exponentially in the U.S. (more than doubled over the past 45 years), while the care system has not kept pace. Many do not receive the help they need. Lack of access to services and too few trained providers are the big issues…. Read more

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The Learning Edge Winter 2014

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