Through a range of publications, CADER has made known both its work and that of other scholars and practitioners addressing similar questions.

CADER LearningEdge Newsletter

CADER LearningEdge is a bimonthly electronic newsletter for professionals interested in increasing their knowledge about aging and improving their practice skills for care of older people. The publication highlights CADER’s innovative courses and other educational programs and also examines aging issues, practice with older people, and post-professional education in aging.

Readers can find articles featuring expert views and opinions, hot-button issues, and latest news from the field. Read the latest issue or to subscribe.

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CADER Issue Briefs

CADER Issue Briefs are issued on a regular basis, representing state-of-the-art analyses of research and training issues in geriatric social work. Through this series of reports, CADERis developing a bibliographic resource for social work educators, trainers, and practitioners. Addressing topics such as the geriatric social work labor force and the effectiveness of geriatric social work services, these Issue Briefs highlight promising directions and needed resources for social work to better address the aging of America.

The following Issue Briefs are currently available:

Journal Articles

Health-related professionals and members of the larger public concerned about aging-care questions can also find journal and magazine articles by CADER.