Learning Enrichment Tools

Organizations that work with older adults and people with disabilities are confronting increased competition and quality-improvement issues that will affect workforce development. To address these concerns, organizations will need to improve overall organizational performance through strategic learning and training at the individual, group and organizational level. Training is a tool that is essential to building skill and confidence toward improved job performance, and the use of workforce supports can help facilitate the learning through training. CADER offers online courses and a Certificate Program with a range of methods, tools and programs designed to maximize the development of practice skills and create a true learning organization.


CADER brings the expertise and support of a nationally recognized university and School of Social Work to all its projects. In addition to our catalogue of online courses and certificates, CADER is available to help design and customize learning enrichment programs. This can include hosting face-to-face training, designing additional training, or customizing our training to meet your needs.  CADER staff has been involved in designing and delivering webinars to enhance online training, assisting in creating face to face training to support blended training and working on the design of exams and testing for various projects. We have also been involved in numerous train the trainer programs where we can help your staff become more proficient in the delivery of staff training.

Supervisor Guides

Supervisors are key players in helping learners transfer knowledge and skills from our online courses into practice. The CADER Supervisor Guide is designed for supervisors or other trainers who plan to conduct an in-person training session or group supervision based on CADER online courses. We believe that adding a face-to-face element to the online course can enhance the transfer of learning and encourages learners to apply what they’ve learned to their settings. The Guide provides approximately five face-to-face exercises based on material from the online course. It’s designed to reinforce and expand the practitioner’s understanding of the course content, particularly emphasizing the development of practice skills and values competencies. Materials are provided for one to three hours of training, although the sessions can easily be divided, extended, or shortened. “All you have to do is review the materials in the Guide, copy handouts, and you are good to go. We estimate that your preparation time for conducting a face-to-face session should be one hour or less.”

“The Guide was very helpful and I felt it condensed the information in manageable chunks to enable a small group discussion such as ours.”—Lori Williamson

Navigation Guide

Once organizations enroll in CADER training programs, they have access to a user Navigation Guide in Blackboard which provides step-by-step instructions on how to move through the online program.

Facilitator Tips Guide

This resource summarizes best-practice guidelines about effective facilitation and training.

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